23 July, 2018
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Get Involved in Giving Back: Where to Volunteer in Hong Kong

23 July, 2018

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Hong Kong, these nonprofits, charities and organisations are worth checking out.

Hong Kong encourages living life on the busy end of the spectrum, but there’s no denying that we can all afford to make time for the causes we care about. Investing your efforts into worthwhile organisations can be one of the most meaningful ways to donate, and one of the most productive ways to spend your hours. In a place that prides itself on sky-high success rates, it’s often a surprise to see how much work still needs to be done in this city. The truth is, there’s always more to do – and there’s no better time to start. If you’re looking to give back to the community, your options are endless. From helping with food giveaways, to taking part in eco cleanups, or offering mentorships to people with disabilities, there are countless ways you can utilise existing skills (and develop new areas of interest, expertise and compassion), whilst supporting deserving causes. No matter what your cause, interest and skills are, we’ve listed organisations doing inspiring – and necessary – work in Hong Kong.

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Support Animal Welfare
Support Children and Families
Support People with Disabilities
Support the Elderly
Support Health and Wellness
Support the Environment and Green Living
Support Women’s Rights
Support Domestic Helpers
Support Ethnic Minorities and Refugees
Support People Living in Poverty with Food Giveaways
Overarching Volunteer Platforms and Resources

where to volunteer in hk - animal care

Support Animal Welfare

Kirsten’s Zoo
This Animal rescue charity gives us the opportunity to foster or adopt furry friends looking for a new home. It primarily provides homes for cats and dogs, but also supports animals such as hamsters, bunnies and birds – perfect for smaller homes. Volunteers are needed to foster and keep the cat house in Tai Po running smoothly (feeding and cleaning up after kittens).

Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP)
LAP helps animals in Hong Kong find safe and loving homes. Volunteers help by organising events, walking dogs, bottle feeding motherless puppies and kittens, matching shelter pets with the right prospective adopters and more.

Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
As one of Hong Kong’s most active and successful dog re-homing organisations, Hong Kong Dog Rescue volunteers are primarily dog walkers. The team is also looking for volunteers interested in professional photography, graphic design, event planning, and fundraising.

Hong Kong Alley Cats
Hong Kong Alley Cats fosters newborn kittens (who need bottle feeding), young cats, older kittens, or FIV positive cats.

Volunteers are encouraged to help with a range of work including dog walking, animal care, humane education, kennel keeping and finding animals forever homes.

Support Children and Families

InspiringHK Sports Foundation
InspiringHK Sports Foundation supports underprivileged youths through sports programmes in Hong Kong. The volunteers are a diverse team of wholehearted individuals dedicated to creating an environment where ideas are respected and kids are supported.

The Hub Hong Kong
This children’s support concept works to help youths who are underprivileged by providing food, educational, social health and wellbeing services. It recruits high school volunteers to mentor the primary students, and also recruits volunteers to help kids with studying, peer relationships, family relationships and personal growth.

Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK)
AFHK is a non-profit, volunteer-run charitable organisation made up of people connected by the common experience of adoption. From the organisation of events and activities at Steering Committee level, to the running of events at ground level, new volunteers are often needed.

Changing Young Lives Foundation
The foundation serves young people in need from Hong Kong and China. Volunteers help with a number of services and activities including tutoring, mentoring, skill coaching and training. Help with fundraising, surveys and research is often required.

Mother’s Choice – Project Bridge
As a well-known baby and children charity, Mother’s Choice is currently looking for volunteers to support as a photographer/videographer, graphic designer, administrative assistant, translator, or child care assistant. To make a significant impact on young lives, families can look into the The Project Bridge programme, allowing families to foster a child.

The Child Development Centre - where to volunteer

Support People with Disabilities

SENsational Consultancy
SENsational Consultancy enables equal work opportunities for people with disabilities. It offers trainings, conferences, simulation experiences, and social events to promote awareness and inclusion within corporate companies. Volunteers help with student workshops, mentorships, visits to charitable institutions and assisting at events.

The Child Development Centre (CDCHK)
This non-profit provides tailored early intervention for all children with developmental or special educational needs. Regular, committed volunteers are trained to provide classroom support, and other volunteers are welcome on a less frequent basis within your areas of expertise.

Beyond Vision Projects (BVP)
BVP strives to enhance the quality of life of the visually impaired and elderly with low vision, focusing on social inclusion, social equality, and social participation. Volunteers support people who have visual impairments by ensuring they can experience art and culture, heritage and historical venues.

 where to volunteer at elderly homes

Support the Elderly

China Coast Community
This care and attention home caters to English-speaking elderly residents. It welcomes volunteers with relevant skills to share. Check out the ‘Get Involved’ section for more details.

Po Leung Kok
Though Po Leung Kok provides social services to families and children of all ages, volunteers are also often needed for the Elderly Home. You can volunteer here individually, or as a corporate group – the more the merrier!

Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care/The Jockey Club Home for Hospice
This society believes that everyone has the right to live with dignity – even towards the end of life. With the motto ““When Days Cannot be Added to Life, Add Life to Days,” the volunteers here are needed for specific skills, including fundraising, translation, and bereavement counselling support.

crossroads - where to volunteer in hk

Support Health and Wellness

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
With a team of psychologists, registered nurses, social workers and breast cancer survivors, the HKBCF offers a diversified support service from treatment preparation to recovery. Volunteers help through hands-on patient support, assisting at fundraising events and public education activities, volunteering at homes, providing services such as translation, editing, proofreading, design work, and administrative support.

Art in Hospital
Got a creative side? This charitable institution promotes therapeutic art creation through the development of hospital art. Volunteers are involved in creating therapeutic art displays within hospitals in Hong Kong, and get to experience the benefits of art (and community service!) first hand.

Crossroads Foundation
Hong Kong based charity, Crossroads Foundation assists people in need through distributing valuable goods, partnering with global companies looking to make a difference, providing simulation experiences and much more. Check out the specific ways you can volunteer here.

The Zubin Foundation
The Zubin Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation working to raise awareness about social issues that do not receive enough attention in Hong Kong. It’s currently looking for volunteers who have experience in graphic design, project management, IT, or marketing.

World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong
WCRF’s mission is to champion the latest, authoritative scientific research from around the world on cancer prevention and survival. Help raise cancer prevention awareness by volunteering at fundraising events, distributing promotion materials or helping with office work.

where to volunteer for eco projects in hk

Support the Environment and Green Living

Ark Eden Foundation
This foundation aims to preserve the island’s ecological, geographical, historical and cultural heritage by following a sustainable lifestyle and providing inspiring educational and eco-tourism opportunities for children, adults, residents and tourists. Get involved in the various conservation projects!

Try your hand at caring for animals and growing veggies at this 50,000 square-foot farm! It raises public awareness on environmental protection through educational workshops and engages all ages of the Hong Kong community in the natural world.

Green Hub
Green Hub provides a centre for sustainable living through the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG). Volunteer opportunities include helping with educational programmes and activities, low carbon catering, and co-op market gardening.

The Conservancy Association
With a mission to safeguard the environmental resources by advocating policies, monitoring governments and promoting environmental education, this is one way to take the lead in community participation. Volunteers can help with everything from clerical work and fundraising to hands-on green activities.

Support Women’s Rights in hk

Support Women’s Rights

Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (RainLily)
RainLily works to combat sexual violence and promote gender equality education in Hong Kong. You can actively show your support for women’s rights by volunteering for an organisation that provides assistance to victims of sexual violence.

The Women’s Foundation
This non-profit organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls living in our city. Volunteers help as English instructors, running skills workshops and participating in planned equality events.

Harmony House
This non-profit organisation believes equality and mutual respect are the fundamental principles for a healthy and harmonious family. It’s dedicated to helping victims of violence and promoting healthy relationships in within families and our community.

where to volunteer with domestic helpers in hk

Support Domestic Helpers

Help for Domestic Helpers
Help provides domestic helpers with free advice and support. Volunteers who can help with grant writing, advocacy translation (especially Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Malagasi, Cantonese or Mandarin), office administration, fundraising, event management, media, PR or communications are especially helpful.

This Hong Kong charity works to promote the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. It strives to give migrant domestic workers the support and tools to invest in themselves through financial and empowerment education. Bahasa speaking volunteers and mentors (ideally with experience in finance) are currently needed to support.

Pathfinders helps vulnerable migrant children born in Hong Kong. Though many families in Hong Kong are lucky enough to benefit from the work of domestic helpers, some helpers who become pregnant end up in situations that may be harmful to their wellbeing. Volunteers with experience in anything from law to midwifery, to general admin are welcome!

Support Ethnic Minorities and Refugees

Support Ethnic Minorities and Refugees

Justice Centre Hong Kong
This non-profit human rights organisation works fearlessly to protect the rights of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable forced migrants: survivors of torture, human trafficking and forced labour, as well as refugees and other people seeking protection. Most volunteer opportunities require a long-term commitment (usually six months).

Child Welfare Scheme
The Child Welfare Scheme empowers the Nepalese people to change the lives of the most deprived children and women. You can support the cause by volunteering at events, within the office or in Nepal itself.

Be The Change
This non-profit organisation’s mission is to help ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Volunteers are invited to help out at events such as Saturday tutorials. The extracurricular activities include everything from learning Putonghua through music to simple arts and crafts.

Christian Action
With a goal to serve people who are disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned, Christian Action provides pro-bono legal and psychosocial help. It also offers abused domestic helpers refuge in safe shelters, amongst a range of other services.

Splash conducts swim and water safety courses for under-served communities who may not have the access or means for swim lessons. Volunteers can work around flexible schedules to suit their time commitments and prior coaching experience is not required as Splash provides training.

Wilson Global Initiative (WGI)
Did you know that over 700 million people can’t read or write? This international nonprofit works to stop illiteracy by educating people around the world, and it’s now launched the Read and Rice programme in Hong Kong. Volunteers assist with food distributions and teach English classes to refugees on weekends.

how to help hk's homeless

Support People Living in Poverty and Food Giveaways

As a Hong Kong based charity, ImpactHK is dedicated to supporting people living without homes in Hong Kong. Volunteers are invited to help make an impact through various meaningful events and food giveaways. ImpactHK works to give people living in poverty a fair chance, and they are currently employing and giving homes to those in need. Check out what’s coming up on the ImpactHK Facebook page.

Foodlink Foundation Limited
Foodlink is dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need. It also strives to reduce food wastage in hotels and F&B outlets in Hong Kong. Volunteers are needed for everything from photography to coin counting!

Food Angel
This food rescue and food assistance programme aims to alleviate hunger in Hong Kong. Group or individual volunteers can help out at one of the kitchens by preparing meal boxes for underprivileged communities.

People’s Food Bank
The People’s Food Bank works to provide food to people in need on a short-term and weekly basis. Volunteer services include helping with the food drive, fund-raising, re-packing food, translating, researching and more. Children and youth volunteers are welcome.

Feeding Hong Kong
As the only food bank in Hong Kong dedicated to redistributing surplus food to people in need, Feeding Hong Kong is always looking for extra assistance. You can help the cause by driving to and from food drop-offs, by working as a delivery assistant, or on a more long-term basis as a Community Cooking Class Chef!

Overarching Volunteer Platforms and Resources

Cause Corps
Looking to meet like-minded people through your volunteer work? This Charity believes in direct and measurable acts of good. By making small volunteering actions count in a big way, the volunteer platform makes it easy to find people who are passionate about helping the same causes. 

HandsOn Hong Kong
As an affiliate of the international volunteer network, HandsOn Network (HON) helps charities meet volunteer needs. By pairing individuals who want to give back to the community with meaningful missions, there is plenty that you can participate in. It’s the biggest online volunteer platform for English speakers in Hong Kong. Get started by simply signing up!

Photo4Good HK
This student-run organisation connects student photographers to local nonprofits to provide free, quality photography services. Interested photographers are invited to email with their interest and existing nonprofits can utilise the skills.

If you have an organisation in need of volunteers, please email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll do our best to include it.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on 15 May, 2017 and was updated on 23 July, 2018.

Featured image via ImpactHK, Image 1 via Kirsten’s Zoo, Image 2 via The Hub Hong Kong, Image 3 via The Child Development Centre (CDCHK), Image 4 via Po Leung Kok, Image 5 via Crossroads Foundation, Image 6 via Green Hub, Image 7 via The Women’s Foundation, Image 8 via Help for Domestic Helpers, Image 9 via Justice Centre Hong Kong, Image 10 via ImpactHK.

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