31 July, 2013
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Sassy’s Kwun Tong Dining Guide – get a taste of Kowloon!

31 July, 2013
kwun tong dining guide hong kong

Feeling peckish but don’t feel like lashing out too much? Craving yum cha of the very traditional kind? Entertaining a visitor who’s after a meal from somewhere off the beaten track? Whether it’s for a work lunch, a meal with mates or a coffee break in between warehouse shopping, why not head to Kwun Tong to explore a different area and experience its endless array of cheap ’n cheerful dishes?

Once a tract of salt pans and a military base for the government, Kwun Tong is becoming better known as a growing retail and commercial centre – and has many buzzing eateries to prove it! Check out our Kwun Tong Dining Guide for some of our foodie favourites that offer up a diverse range of tasty and affordable meals… and rest assured you will not be walking away hungry!

Kwun tong market hong kong

• Kwun Tong is a mishmash of old-fashioned and modern Chinese cultures. For traditional yet contemporary dim sum, visit Dim Delicious. Located in a rarely frequented part of town, this restaurant’s food is of hotel quality for very reasonable prices – just $14 for two pieces of their signature baked almond juice buns! We also recommend their freshly steamed rice flour rolls (cheung fan) and prawn dumplings (har gow). Dim Delicious, Block G, 2/F, Wang Kwong Industrial Building, 45 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, 2950 0087

• If you’re after a bigger spread, try Pier 88 which offers yummy yum cha at bargain prices, charging only $40-50 per person!

Pier 88 Shop S1, 2/F, Laguna City Shopping Arcade, 88 Cha Kwo Ling Road, Kwun Tong
2717 6860

wbl kwun tong hong kong

• Up for some Shanghainese food? WBL serves a decent lunch spread that includes a huge bowl of noodles, drinks and snacks.

WBL Shop 1-2, 2/F, E Plaza, 7 Shing Yip St, Kwun Tong
2668 9133

• Bear in mind that portion sizes also tend to be much more generous in Kwun Tong! If you find yourself at Super Super Congee & Noodles, tuck into a pot of po chai rice (rice in casserole) but get one less dish than you would normally; three pots can easily be shared between four girls

Super Super Congee & Noodle 1/F, Laguna City Phase 1, 35 Laguna Street, Lam Tin

Factory 99 hong kong

• If you’re looking to book a casual lunch for a large group or private function, try Factory 99, a cosy and comfy space serving North American dishes with a Cantonese flair. Think casual backyard party food including steak and ribs, grilled fish and deep-fried snacks. Try the truffle risotto with crab meat or one of their tomato-based pork dishes. Factory 99, Room A, 1/F, How Ming Factory Building, 99 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, 2345 8333

FunLife Bakery Cafe is one of my favourite Thai restaurants in the area, offering great value for money. Lunch sets cost around $50, with dishes such as rice noodles in tom yum soup and a Hainan chicken rice that is not to be missed!

FunLife Bakery Cafe Unit 9-11, 1/F, Sing Win Factory Building, 15-17 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong
2341 2111

• If you have a craving of the more Western kind, head to international eaterie Plum House, where you can tuck into a bowl of spaghetti, salad or steak – plus a dumpling or two thrown in the mix! Plum House, Flat 3, 14/F,15-17 Sing Win Factory Building, Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, 2345 2395

genki sushi lunch set hong kong

• We’ve covered local, Western, Chinese and Thai – what about Japanese? To vanquish sushi cravings, join the queue for the ever-popular Genki Sushi located in the APM shopping centre. Pull up a pew at the sushi train bar, or grab a table nearby, and make the most of their $70 bento boxes, filled with all kinds of Japanese goodies. Don’t forget to throw in some shopping afterwards – APM has loads of great shops to browse through!

Genki Sushi Shop C-19, APM Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
3148 1168

• Be sure to visit some of Kwun Tong’s outdoor markets too. Shui Wo Street is worth a visit, as well as the alley famous for beef brisket noodles, which can be found next to Yue Man Square Park in the town centre.


And from street food to something a little classier… For foodies after a more gastronomic adventure, we suggest getting a table at MC Kitchen to experience “Demon Chef” Alvin Leung’s infamous cuisine. Your meal will not be a cheap one, but it’s definitely more affordable than his Michelin-starred resto Bo Innovation and we reckon the dishes are of comparable quality. Check out our full review here.

MC Kitchen G/F, AXA Tower, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong
3758 2239


• Another new spot to look out for is Made In HK, the new restaurant from Tony Cheng (the brains behind Ammo, Le Salon and The Drawing Room). Featuring a fresh play on HK cha chaan teng cuisine (though a bit pricier than your typical cha chaan teng), we particularly loved the laidback décor… and the desserts! Take advantage of one of their afternoon tea sets for the best deal. Read our full review here.

Made in HK Shop 13, 1/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road Kwun Tong
2156 2000

luna cake cheesecake hong kong

• If you’re up for a sweet treat, you can pick up something scrummy at one of the bakeries found on almost every corner. Try out LunaCake for Japanese baked goods complete with pretty packaging (they’re most famous for their cheesecake, shown above!).

Luna Cake Shop 21, G/F, Legend Tower, E Plaza, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong
35759696 www.lunacake.com/

• For something more local, head to Harbour Dessert; if you’re sticking to street food, simply snatch up some egg waffles (gai dan zai) from any sidewalk store in the area.

Harbour Dessert G/F, 46 Hong Ning Road, Kwun Tong
2151 0861

coffee lover kwun tong hong kong

• Kwun Tong may not be the first place that comes to mind for good coffee, but if you’re in the mood, head to Coffee Lover for one of their coffee masterclasses. You can also purchase expert coffee makers and grinders here – or for those die-hard caffeinators, why not enrol in one of their latte art classes?

Coffee Lover Flat 3B, Wai Yip Industrial Building, 171 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong
3488 0278

Getting to Kwun Tong
Kwun Tong is situated on the East part of the Kowloon peninsula and probably sounds further from Central than it really is! A taxi from Central will cost you around $110-130 (including toll money), whilst an MTR ride would take about 30 minutes and cost only around $13.

If you’re coming from the Island, hop on the MTR; you will need to change lines once or twice, depending on which suburb you’re coming from, but we promise the trip will go by quickly! The ferry is probably the most efficient (and scenic!) way to get to Kwun Tong, and departs from North Point Ferry Pier every half an hour. If you’re already Kowloon side, a train ride will get you there in no time.

Happy eating!

Julia Sheasby is a South African slash Sydney girl who’s been enjoying the eating treats of HK for almost two years. In between dreaming of food, she works in digital communications.


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