21 June, 2024
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Coach & Cook Fitness main image
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Fitness Game-Changer: Our Editor Gives Coach & Cook Fitness A Try!

21 June, 2024
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Is Coach & Cook Fitness truly beginner-friendly and effective? Our Editor gives it a thorough trial and shares the verdict.

We’ve all been there, wanting to start a fitness journey but feeling overwhelmed by where to begin. When we heard of Coach & Cook Fitness, we were quite intrigued. A premium facility that takes care of both your fitness and diet? That’s rare, but also makes total sense! Founded by Gavin Gleeson, an executive chef turned fitness coach, this unique gym promises transformation through a blend of personalised training and gourmet, chef-prepared meals. Read on to discover how my trial went and why this place might just offer you the lifestyle change you’ve been looking for.

Coach & Cook Fitness warm welcome

First Impressions: A Warm Welcome And Premium Experience

Before I even stepped foot in Coach & Cook Fitness, I received a warm welcome video from the team. This thoughtful gesture instantly made me feel excited rather than intimidated about joining. When I finally arrived, I was greeted with a comprehensive tour of its spacious, state-of-the-art facility. It has luxury shower facilities, ice baths, and free parking. The sleek, new equipment and the community table and juice bar area, where members can enjoy complimentary coffee, snacks, and protein shakes, immediately impressed me. The atmosphere was both professional and welcoming, making it crystal clear that Coach & Cook Fitness offers a premium experience that goes beyond just workouts.

It deliberately fosters a sense of community by celebrating every milestone, whether it’s a birthday or a fitness challenge victory. Its promotions, like a complimentary 4-week meal delivery and the free 6-week challenge for dedicated members, make the journey as rewarding as possible. From the moment you express interest, you’re welcomed with open arms, making the entire process beginner-friendly and personalised.

Coach & Cook Fitness Gavin Gleeson

Why Gavin’s Story Makes All The Difference

I was then introduced to Gavin, the owner of the gym, who took the time to assess my fitness level. This personalised attention continued throughout my training session. Even though I was in a group class, I felt like I was receiving one-on-one coaching. I opted for the Strength & Conditioning class (which I was nervous about), and Gavin’s encouragement made the workout enjoyable. The camaraderie among the group definitely added to the positive experience as well!

Gavin Gleeson, the mastermind behind Coach & Cook Fitness, is no ordinary fitness coach. Once a 145kg executive chef working in 5-star hotels, Gavin experienced the highs and lows of the weight loss journey firsthand. He battled through failures and fad diets before finally discovering a system that worked. He shed 45kg and gained 20kg of muscle, transforming his life completely.

What really stood out to me was Gavin’s relatability. His personal journey makes a huge difference, especially for those of us beginning or struggling with consistency. When your coach genuinely understands the struggle and shows empathy, you can’t help but feel that your transformation is not just possible but guaranteed.

Coach & Cook Fitness Nutritionist

Beyond the Workout: The Coach & Cook Difference

Coach & Cook Fitness doesn’t just focus on workouts – it also emphasises the importance of nutrition in achieving fitness goals. After my class, I had a consultation with its in-house nutritionist, who assessed my body composition, analysed fat and muscle percentages, and provided a detailed meal plan tailored to my specific needs and goals.

We all know how hard it can be to stay consistent with health and fitness goals. Often, we give up because we don’t see results or get lured into quick-fix diets that promise fast results but are impossible to maintain long-term. Gavin is a strong believer in the 80-20 rule: 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Being a foodie himself, he detests fad diets and instead offers health hacks and small habits that make the journey sustainable for everyone.

Coach & Cook meal

Transforming Your Lifestyle: Sustainable Changes at Coach & Cook

As a whole, the programme is designed to help members cultivate realistic lifestyle changes. The coaches work closely with every member, maintaining accountability and ensuring consistency. From the start, you get chef-prepared meals delivered to your door, making it easy to stay on track. As you progress, you’re guided through meal planning and prepping, turning healthy habits into a lifestyle. It’s not just about hitting the gym; it’s about transforming your life in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable.

“Expect More” Is The Motto – But Does It Deliver?

My experience at Coach & Cook Fitness was nothing short of exceptional. The combination of personalised training, nutritional support, and a welcoming environment makes it an ideal choice for anyone serious about achieving long-term fitness goals. If you’re looking for a fitness facility that guarantees results and provides an unparalleled experience, Coach & Cook Fitness is the place to be. For them, the buzzword is “Expect More,” and I couldn’t agree more. Expecting more from your gym, your coach and your diet is what truly sets this place apart.

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Coach & Cook Fitness, 2/F Mount Pavilia Retail Block, 663 Clearwater Bay Road, Clearwater Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong, 6302 9996, Facebook: Bootcamp.saikung, Instagram: @coach_cook_fitness, coachcookfitness.com

Brought to you in paid partnership with Coach & Cook Fitness. All opinions are from the team’s genuine experience.

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