25 March, 2015

Strip it off! We try out Brazilian Waxing at STRIP: The Ministry of Waxing

25 March, 2015

With Hong Kong heating up and the thought of a long beach vacay on my mind, I decided it was time to start getting ready for summer. I’d already begun shopping for new beachwear online (any excuse for a touch of retail therapy!), I bought a brand new pair of sunnies and was stocking up on SPF… but was missing one important thing. That oh-so-essential pre-beach wax. Yep, hair-removal is definitely not something I wanted to forget before I hit the sun, sea and sand. Enter STRIP: The Ministry of Waxing

I usually frequent a dodgy little waxing salon in Wan Chai, but after many painful and awkward experiences, I wanted to try something different. As a Sassy award-winner, STRIP was definitely a contender for my hair removal needs. Many of my friends and colleagues use STRIP’s services, and I was intrigued to see for myself if it was all it was cracked up to be.


I managed to book an appointment on the day I wanted to go which was handy, and headed over to the conveniently located spot on Lyndhurst Terrace. I felt pretty apprehensive as usually I try to take a painkiller an hour or so before a wax so it’s not quite as painful, but this was a last minute appointment and I simply hadn’t had time. Though I was nervous, the clean and hygienic feel of STRIP made me feel a bit more at ease, and before I went in for the treatment I was asked to fill in a form with a questionnaire. It was definitely nice to know that they were covering all the bases!


My therapist was so sweet and very gentle. She was more than happy to answer a few questions I had and made sure to check that the temperature of the ‘chocolate’ wax was ok for me before applying it. We chatted casually throughout the appointment, which was a good distraction, and because I’d never used this kind of wax before, I was pleasantly surprised that it was relatively pain-free! The wax is applied warm and left to cool, which is a little more time consuming, but is easily pulled off without having to use a waxing strip.


The treatment was over before I knew it and I walked away feeling very clean and ready to slip on my bikini bottoms without hesitation! Although there were a couple of tiny patches she missed, I was more than happy with the result. This is not a stuffy, intimidating salon with stuck-up therapists, nor a dingy, rough and ready beauty spot with questionable hygiene standards… STRIP is a welcoming and relaxed environment with professional service, high hygiene standards and friendly staff. They even told me a bit about their IPL service and let me try out a patch of the treatment on my arm (which was also shockingly pain-free). I genuinely felt really comfortable… plus, you might as well make this somewhat unpleasant experience as good as possible!

Fancy trying out STRIP before you hit the beach? You’re in luck, as STRIP is giving away two $5,000 voucher to two lucky Sassy readers! You can use your voucher on any of the hair removal treatments, including waxing, IPL and laser, simply enter your details here or in the form below for the chance to win. Say goodbye to stubborn hair and hello to smooth skin! This giveaway closes on Wednesday, 1 April, with the winner announced on Thursday, 2 April.


STRIP: The Ministry of Waxing, 7/F and 9/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 3950 3950, www.strip.com.hk

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