21 January, 2016
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Social Gatherings in Hong Kong

21 January, 2016

Shedding the Shell – Where to Meet and Mingle in HK

When you first touchdown in the 852, it can all seem a little daunting: new job, new surroundings and yep, new friendships. The city is over-flowing with people who’ve headed to Asia for ‘just six months’ but are quickly approaching their sixth year, making friends for life and have fallen head-over-heels in love with the culture.

So, where do you start? Whether you’re a newbie in town or local just looking to spread your wings, the opportunities to meet people are endless. I mean, one minute you’re dressed as a ladybird and lost at the Hong Kong Sevens, an incoherent conversation and several girl-dates later and you’re sharing a flat with someone who’s shotgunned godmother to your non-existent children…


Crafted 852

If your inner food geek is yearning for the chance to talk tahini – perhaps it’s time to sign up to one of Crafted 852‘s regular gatherings! We’ve already taken their unique party experiences for a test drive (click here for the low-down) but this cool social concept is brimming with foodie followers looking to learn about incredible ingredients and meet new and like-minded people – all while scoffing some seriously delicious food. New events are hosted every month so you’re sure to find something to suite your tastebuds.


Dragon Boating

If you’ve lived in Hong Kong for some time but rarely look further than the bottom of a Tsingtao bottle, it could be time get out and explore the city you call home! Beyond the sky scrappers, dragon boat racing is great way to learn a bit more about this tradition and gain an insight into a different cultural aspect on Hong Kong. Paddling alongside local teams and sharing a few of those beloved beers with your teammates, you’ll create incredible memories and really be thrown in the midst of HK’s social life! If you’re keen to get involved, there are countless teams looking for new recruits. Ask around your office to see if anyone you know has organised a team, phone local boat clubs or check out Hong Kong Dragon Boat Associations website for the full list of teams. Go on girls, take the plunge – do it for the toned arms – oh, and these other reasons!


Join a sports team

If the novelty of playing netball wore off the minute you left school, perhaps it’s time to don the skort once more – team sports are huge in Honkers. An awesome way to meet new people and blow off some steam after a long day at work, no huge amount of experience is necessary as clubs play at a whole range of social and competitive levels. Sick of riding solo in a fitness class and racing back to the office? Signing up to a team will expand your social-circle, help you avoid those extortionate gym prices and save you a few pennies for those post game g&t’s. Have a scroll through our guide to team sports here and get in touch with a few clubs before the season starts!  From netball to lacrosse, rugby and even dodgeball, you’ll find your forte (and your footing).


HK Meet Up

A hub for social gatherings in the 852, Hong Kong Meet Up lays down the ground work for a ton of social events across the city. Whether you’re itching to escape the hustle and bustle and breathe in some fresh air, or seeking a fresh pint and an interesting conversation, there’s always an event in the pipeline that’ll peak your interests. Simply sign up, choose a ‘meet-up’ and… well, do just that! It’s 2016, girls – find the the time to venture beyond the Island line and go for a trail run, learn cantonese, browse the best art galleries, or tag along on a good ‘ol fashioned pub crawl.


Garage Society

If there’s one thing HK is never short of, it’s network events. We hand out stacks of business cards each week, but finding an event that hasn’t got us staring at the wall clock is a welcome challenge – and we accept! Garage Society hosts heaps of fun events that’ll have you connecting with potential business opportunities but also meeting really cool people and learning something new in the process. Their workshops, seminars and social events guarantee a great turn out, a well stocked bar, and worthwhile connections.

Classes (with a Sassy perk!) *Sorry! This deal has expired*

Signing up for a new class is a great way to not only expand you skill set (hello impressive CV!) but also a great way to meet new people. If you’re interested in web development or digital marketing, General Assembly are giving you a leg up in the coding world with the chance to join a community, hone in-demand skills and expand your professional abilities. Sassy readers can snap up $580 towards an online course, or $1,940 towards an on-campus part-time course or full-time immersive program – click here to get started, girls.


Sassy Events! *Sorry! This event has since ended*

What better way to meet people than being surrounded by fellow Sassy Girls! Join us in satisfying those those siu mai cravings in a special dim sum making workshop at Yum Cha! Create your favourite dumpling dishes and settle down (prosecco in hand – of course) for a spot of afternoon tea. Get in quick and grab your tickets here – they’re selling out like hot char sui baos. We’re also gearing up for our Gourmet Evening in March so keep checking in for updates…

Happy Hour…

This one’s a given hey, girls? We all know that sometimes the best way to meet people is just by turning around and having the (dutch) courage to spark up a conversation. You never know what cool and like-minded people you’ll meet on a night out – there is occasionally method (and a touch of madness) in buying those jello-shots for the entire bar. Besides, if they’re already up and dancing on the bar in Carnegies with you, they’re probably your soul-mate… Our current favourite happy hour deals have got to be: The Pontiac‘s new ‘Ponty Hour’ from Monday – Saturday, 5-8pm, ‘Talli Toosday’ at Bindaas Bar + Kitchen every Tuesday ’til 9pm and Lily & Bloom‘s $5 Happy Hour (yep, you read that right – your first drink is $5 and $45 after!) at 5-8pm every Monday – Friday.

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