11 July, 2012
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Sassy’s Midweek Minis – July 11

11 July, 2012

There’s always so much great stuff going on in Hong Kong that it can be hard to keep track… and Sassy is no exception! So here’s another batch of Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up session of whatever articles have been inspiring Team Sassy recently. Here’s hoping you’ll find some mid-week inspiration thanks to our Midweek Minis too!

1. I’m on a bit of a health kick lately and trying out going veggie after watching Forks Over Knives (scary stuff!), so I’m thrilled at all the veggie restos popping up all over Hong Kong. I’m hooked on the Summer Flat from here and just about anything from here too!

2. I’m finding ways to treat myself now that I’m firmly in the waddling stage of pregnancy, so one of my favourite indulgences is to head here for a foot massage with style. I’m hooked!

3. I love it when our Sassy dreams come true! One day we’re writing about the top five fitness trends that we wish would come to HK and the next, Flex are introducing these fab-sounding new classes. One down… four to go!



1. Summer weather has well and truly checked in for 2012. Thankfully, this make-up is equipped to help deal with the shiny effects of the sun, heat and humidity!

2. I’m not one to mooch around aimlessly during the weekend, so I’m trying to build on this list of places to go and things to see…

3. Manis and pedis make me so very happy, so imagine how happy my wallet was when I heard about this place!



1. Seeing as I have recommended it to everyone as my absolute favourite restaurant to date in HK, I think it’s about time for a return visit here.

2. Every girl needs pampering at least once a month and summer is no exception. I think it may be about time to give into temptation and try out Rach’s favourite spa.

3. I’m a keen bargain hunter and am getting very excited for our upcoming launch. Incredible brands at unbelievable prices, all handpicked by Team Sassy – you heard it here first!



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