19 March, 2012

Sassy Review: a foot massage at Ten Feet Tall

19 March, 2012

‘Last night I dreamt of San Pedro… it all seemed like yesterday not far away…’

Call me crazy (or simply a girl who grew up listening to too much Madonna!) but the moment I stepped into Ten Feet Tall, Central’s hottest new foot massage centre, I couldn’t help but start humming La Isla Bonita.

The brainchild of Gilbert Yeung, the creator of dragon-I, Ten Feet Tall is literally worlds away from your local foot massage joint down the road. It’s inspired by the ‘island chic’ of St Barts in the Caribbean (so probably not quite La Isla Bonita exactly) and has a gorgeous laidback beach vibe. So there’s bright beach cabanas, lots of natural wood fittings, and a light airy atmosphere that just makes you want to kick off your sandals and head to the sand.

Well, you will actually be kicking those sandals off, since Ten Feet Tall’s speciality is foot reflexology massages – and so that was what I sampled. Ten Feet Tall is super-spacious; after entering a huge reception area, you are led downstairs to various rooms, including couples and girls only ones, filled with white massage beds and comfy squishy sofas. After taking my pick from a huge selection of the latest magazines (both in Chinese and English!), I was taken to a room with six cabanas to lounge on; I loved that there was enough space for me to spread all my various debris (five cardigans, one handbag and two magazines since you ask) without feeling cramped or like I was cramping others. Having flung all my stuff down, there was nothing left to do but kick back and start relaxing!

As far as foot massages go, Ten Feet Tall’s was exactly what you would expect. Your feet are first soaked and washed in warm bubbly water whilst your therapist treats you to a neck and shoulder massage, before spinning you back round to get working on each individual foot and leg. Unfortunately, my idyllic island serenity was slightly spoilt by my therapist barking instructions over her headpiece for the first ten minutes!

Foot massages very much depend on preference and frankly, I am a soft and gentle girl. This time round, it was a little too strong for my taste, though I have friends who would have gratefully lapped it up. My therapist didn’t speak much English… and my Canto is nothing to write home about… so it took some repeated wincing for her to realise I needed a watered-down version of her usual technique! By the end of my 50 minutes, she had refined her strokes enough so that my legs and feet felt supple and worked through, rather than having gone through five rounds in the ring.

I’ll never forget my first amazing foot massage – I left feeling like I was walking on air and my feet and legs felt so light, it was almost like I was floating. Ten Feet Tall didn’t quite manage to capture that sensation but the near-hour of undivided attention was exactly what my hardened weary and swollen feet had needed.

Whilst I’m not sure Ten Feet Tall would be able to drag me away from the cheap and cheerful charms of my local joint, it’s definitely worth a peek if you are in the area – with its inviting laidback beach feel and super-spacious interior, it’s the kind of place you want to spend time relaxing in. Their spa menu also boasts a variety of other treatments, including aromatic oil and lymphatic drainage body massages, manicures, pedicures, and hand and arm treatments, so the idea of building on from your foot massage to enjoy a couple of hours of pampering in a lovely mellow environment does appeal.

Ten Feet Tall is the ideal sanctuary to escape to after a long day in the hectic city – so relax, chill out and find your very own La Isla Bonita.

The Foot Reflexology Massage is currently on special offer at $168 for 50 minutes (normally $238); $72 for each additional 15 minutes.

Ten Feet Tall, 21/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2971 1010


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