3 October, 2011

Sassy Review: Bliss Spa Fabulous Facial

3 October, 2011

Bliss is simply one of my favourite spas in Hong Kong – I mean, brownie buffet, need I say more?! Their treatments are always amazing (we’re already fans of the Triple Oxygen one here at Sassy) and they have a new addition to their spa menu, the Fabulous Facial. But does it live up to its name?!

Well, duh! The Fabulous Facial utilises products from Bliss Spa’s Fabulous range, including their best-selling Fabulous Foaming Face Wash cleanser and exfoliator, Fabulous Face Lotion (with SPF 15) and the lightweight Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream. It’s intended as more of a maintenance facial than some of their more luxurious ‘special occasion’ type treatments. Your technician will take a close look at your skin, focus on your problem areas amongst the general basic facial routine and chuck some massage action in the mix too. You can also opt in for some targeted add-ons, like eye treatments or masks.

I had a lovely bubbly Bliss technician called Annie and as expected, my blackheads (visible from the moon, no close examination necessary!) were deemed the focus of the session. This meant most of my hour was spent on… dun dun DUN… extraction.

It was twenty minutes of ‘Beauty is pain’ internal mantra-ing, but I liked that my pores were opened up with hot towels, as opposed to the steam machines in other places that make me feel like I can’t breathe in addition to the searing pain of the extraction in the first place, and Annie was sympathetic to my plight but battled on – so thorough, she even found blackheads behind my ears!

The rest of the facial was fairly standard – cleansing, toning, moisturising, a cooling eye mask – but all done with Bliss’ signature products, which means they smell gorgeous, work gently but effectively and are more than a few cuts above average. What some may feel the treatment is missing is a really intense, deeply moisturising face mask (often left on during a massage or, in the case of my local, whilst the beautician goes off to watch TVB soaps in a room next-door). Whilst I did miss the sensation of a thick cream sitting on my face, I actually didn’t notice much difference in results come the end of the Fabulous Facial so perhaps these heavy-duty masks are overrated in the first place!

And the massage more than makes up for it! Most of the time, you’ll get a perfunctory rub of the head, neck and shoulders, but the Fabulous Facial goes above and beyond the call of duty. You get the usual head, neck and shoulders stuff – and very nice it is too – plus the back, arms, hands, legs and feet, all done with the skill of a masseuse as opposed to a beautician who’s given her boyfriend a few back rubs. Annie was really brilliant here – she had a light soothing touch, applied just the right amount of pressure and my arms, hands, legs and feet in particular felt really light and limber by the end. Even when she was applying products, it felt like she was massaging my face and it was amazing how fabulous I felt all-over after just a facial!

I also really have to mention the spa experience itself. I love everything about Bliss Spa – the light and airy ambience, the cheeky product names, the amazing views of the harbour (well, you are on 72nd floor!), the distinct lack of drippy-droppy plinky-plonky spa music and unnecessary candles burning in every orifice and I’m sure I might have mentioned that brownie buffet at some point! My treatment room was bathed in sunlight and getting to bask in the heat was so absolutely relaxing and wonderful – better than the beach I reckon, with no worry of sunburn (and sand in your pants) to prey on your mind either!

Honestly, the immediate effects from the Fabulous Facial were fine rather than fabulous. My skin did look brighter but post-extraction, my throbbing nose was giving Rudolph’s a run for his money. You’re recommended not to wash your face for at least five hours afterwards or apply other make-up and products; I followed this advice and I’m glad I did so, because the next day, the results were truly fabulous! When I emerged after only four hours sleep the next morning, I was honestly taken aback. My complexion was noticeably smoother, softer, brighter and glowing. Niggly blemishes had practically disappeared, my nose had calmed down and my blackheads had abated, even my trademark under-eye bags were lighter and less pronounced – effects that were still noticeable up to a week afterwards. It was basically as if someone had pressed a refresh button on my face.

So yes, the Fabulous Facial lives up to its name and yes, it lives up to everything I love about Bliss Spa too. Long may life continue to be Bliss-ful!

Fabulous Facial, $870 for 60 mins

Bliss Spa, 72/F W Hotel, 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon Station, 3717 2797

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