27 June, 2024
July 2024 Astrology main image
July 2024 Astrology main image

Sassy Astrology Club: July 2024 – Cosmic Madness That’ll Transform Your Life

27 June, 2024
July 2024 Astrology main image

Buckle up – our July 2024 astrology forecast predicts non-stop astro-madness with Cancer season, the Sirius Gateway opening, retrogrades raining down and cosmic surprises set to turn your world upside down!

We can’t keep up, and we haven’t even started! July is packed with cosmic craziness, so grab some tissues and maybe even some ice cream (you’ll need it). Known for being the zodiac’s homebody and emotional mother figure, Cancer (June 20 to July 22) also has a fierce side. And guess what? The Sirius Gateway is opening! From 2-7 July, our Sun teams up with Sirius, showering us with high-frequency vibes perfect for clearing and sparking creativity. Of course, what would July be without a couple of retrogrades? Get ready for a month of introspection, transformation and maybe a few cosmic surprises!

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Key Advice And Lessons From This Cancer Season
Sirius Gateway Brings Seriously Cosmic Vibes
Another Month, More Retrogrades
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July 2024 Astrology

Key Advice And Lessons From This Cancer Season

Summer is sizzling, and Cancer season is here to give us all the feels! With the sun stationed in this water sign, be prepared to experience an emotional rollercoaster (tissues and ice cream, anyone?). While most people think of Cancer as the moody homebody of the zodiac (which can still hold true), this little crab can also be a fierce protector! Legend says that the crab courageously defended a fellow sea creature and, despite its ultimate squishing, was honoured by being scattered across the sky as the Cancer constellation. Its backstory is a reminder that if you’re feeling small or unworthy this month, remember the crab’s story – shake off those fears and insecurities.

As you take action, let your heart lead the way. It’s the perfect season to nurture your emotional side and trust in the magic of your path. Take time each day to visualise your goals blossoming – who is this future you, and how do they feel each day? Hold space for your emotions, connect with your intuition, and stand up for yourself and your loved ones. Remember, like the crab, your strength comes from your heart. So go ahead, cultivate some patience, trust the process, and let the love within guide you through this soulful season.

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July 2024 Astrology Sirius Gateway breaking old patterns

Sirius Gateway Brings Seriously Cosmic Vibes

No, we don’t mean Sirius Black from Harry Potter – we’re talking about the Sirius Gateway, and it’s pure cosmic magic. During the first week of (2-7) Julyour Sun teams up with the star Sirius, aka our Spiritual Sun, creating high-frequency energy that showers us with good vibes. Been feeling a bit sluggish? Don’t worry – that’s just the cosmic cleanse clearing out your spiritual cobwebs. Ancient cultures revered Sirius as a portal to higher realms and technological wizardry (move over, Hogwarts), and this energetic boost is perfect for innovating and creating. This upcoming energy will help you shed limitations, unlock your freedom, and step into your authentic self. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect time to shed old beliefs, boost your creativity, work on entrepreneurial endeavours and heighten your intuition.

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July 2024 Astrology retrogrades

Another Month, More Retrogrades

Oh no, retrogrades again (when a planet appears to move backward in its orbit)! First up, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on 2 July, and it’s here to lift the veil on all our little fantasies. Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and creativity, loves being in Pisces, but during this retrograde, it’s like having the rose-tinted glasses yanked off your face. Suddenly, what seemed like a grand idea might reveal itself as a delusion (yikes). While this can be a bit of a shocker, it also clears the way for some serious problem-solving. If your latest project seems blocked, this might be the time when you finally see a path forward – once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, of course.

To close out the month with even more introspection, Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, stations retrograde on 29 July. Chiron in Aries urges us to face our fears and keep moving forward. It’s a time to reflect on past traumas, not to wallow in them, but to heal. Think of it as tough love – Chiron wants us to embrace our wounds as part of our journey, rather than wishing them away. Overall, this month’s retrogrades make it ideal for some deep healing and self-acceptance (because who doesn’t need a bit more of that?).

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July 2024 Astrology dates

July 2024 Astrology: Other Important Dates

  • 2 July – With communicative Mercury entering compassionate Leo, we can deepen heart connections by listening to and expressing our innermost longings and needs.
  • 5 July – The gentle Cancer New Moon brings optimism for new beginnings by softening anxieties, viewing life through a loving lens, and setting hopeful intentions amplified by the Sirius Gateway.
  • 11 July – As Venus shifts into fiery Leo, this fun-loving transit encourages us to shine by expressing creativity, focusing on our best features, connecting with others who bring out our playfulness and embodying the expressive nature of this fire sign.
  • 20 July – Mars entering curious Gemini ignites our desire for lively debates, social connections and self-expression, but can also lower filters that may lead to oversharing or harsh delivery without mindful communication.
  • 21 July – The second Capricorn Full Moon of 2024 facilitates completion, invites reflection on mid-June issues, and promotes releasing fears and limiting beliefs blocking our potential under the moonlight.
  • 22 July – As the Sun transitions into its home sign of Leo, we are invited to step into a period of energy and bold self-expression. This fun-loving season is all about recharging our life force by embracing joy, confidence and luxury.
  • 25 July – Mercury returns to its ruling sign of Virgo, enhancing our attention to detail and discernment, but reminding us to be gentle and forgiving towards ourselves and others.

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