How To Survive A Hong Kong Hangover

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Hair Of The Dog

Admittedly one of the more desperate options on the list, but when you’re out of other choices, why not just get back on it? Hair of the dog is sure to sort you right out. From a trusted Bloody Mary (we’re big fans of The Globe‘s spicy recipe) to a boozy brunch (with food please!), sometimes all there’s left to do is to suck it up and get it down.

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Chow Down

Food. Give us all of the food. We don’t know about you, but when our stomachs are only running off vodka fumes the morning after a big night out, all we can think about is tucking in face first to something big and greasy. Between foodpanda, Deliveroo and Black Sheep Restaurant’s GO Delivery, you can pretty much get any meal your heart desires delivered straight to your door. Our picks? Pizza is always a good idea. We’re also fans of a comforting bowl of noodles and hearty helping of dumplings.

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Sweat It Out

Hungover hike, anyone? Don’t look at us like that – weirdly, this one’s kind of a sure cure. Okay, not like the Twins or anything (let’s not go that far), but between sweating profusely out of every pore in your body and getting your heart pumping extra fast, you’re sure to sweat out the majority of last night’s poison and regret. Wake up and get up. This is essential – if you’re up and dressed before your body has time to realise what a fool it’s about to be, you’ll be nursing your hangover amongst nature in no time.

Sassy Tip: End your hike at one of these beachside bars and enjoy hangover cure #1.

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Indulge In Some Spa Therapy

If a hike is too adventurous for you (no judgement!), perhaps we can tempt your hungover soul with a spot of spa therapy? From splurge-worthy luxury treatments to budget-friendly foot massages, the city has you covered. You’ll soon be feeling like your old self again – we promise.

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You’d think this one would be a given, right? But you’ve woken up and your desert-dry mouth says it all. Depending on how bad the hangover is, it may be difficult to get anything down – but trust us, even a few sips of water can help. Beyond water, we love grabbing a fresh fruit juice from one of the many mom and pop stalls dotted across Central and Sheung Wan. Coffee is also good for giving a much-needed caffeine boost – just make sure not to drink too many cups as it is a diuretic and may end up exacerbating your dehydration!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally written in January 2018 by Lexi Davey and was most recently updated on 1 January, 2020 by Team Sassy.
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