Hong Kong’s Best Cold Press Juice Bars

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Beauty and Juice

Located in Kwun Tong, Beauty and Juice caters to the local community, with its website full of information for anyone new to juicing. You’ll want to check out its affordable single “Greens” juices if you’re on the go. Or, you can sign up to get its package of cleanses delivered straight to your home. Try their 1-3 day program to see if juicing is the right fix for you!

Sassy Tip: Fight the flu with their Seasonal -S2, its spicy kick may be just what you need!

Shop G60, E Plaza, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 5202 8803,

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Crave Healthy Food

With locations worldwide, Crave has designed a juice cleanse to suit the busy lives of Hong Kongers- its specially curated formula for six bottles contain fresh and unpasteurized vegan juices and nut milk. With maximum nutrients and low calories, this juice cleanse is meant to leave you refreshed! Check out its website to choose from its delivery services and its health conscious recipes (it even has a desserts tab!).

Sassy Tip: The Mulled Apple Cider is a must-try for cool Hong Kong evenings

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Joe & The Juice

The international chain, Joe & The Juice, offers a wide range of vegan food and drink items. While the famous 3 Day Cleanse is only currently available in Denmark (don’t worry, its expanding globally soon!), its juices are definitely worth trying out.

With adorable names like “Go Away Doc” (carrot, apple, ginger) and “Broc ‘n’ Roll” (broccoli, ginger, fennel, pineapple, apple), the juices are made up of a concoction of fruits and veggies. Check its website for more details on the protein information.

Sassy Tip: Craving sweet and sour? ‘Hell of a Nerve’ strikes the perfect balance. 

Kiosk E, 4/F, ​Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 3107 2645,


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Catch Juicery

Looking for organic, cold-pressed juices at lower prices? Then make sure you check out the brand new Catch Juicery, which is conveniently located on Wellington Street, Central! The folks at Catch hope to spread that healthy living lifestyle but in a more affordable way, perfect for the Sassy Girls trying to cut down a little on the extra spending. The juices are fresh and the glass bottles are environmentally friendly – sounds like a great all in one deal! Delivery options are available.

Sassy Tip: Cool down with Catch’s fresh, coconut water – it tastes like it’s been poured straight from the shell!

G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 9317 7796,

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Water Juicery

Water Juicery is a brand new venture from acclaimed French chef, Akrame Benallal, whose restaurant Akrame Hong Kong has gained a Michelin star. Offering 24 delicious flavours, Water Juicery makes it convenient for busy Hong Kongers to get in a daily serving of fruits and veggies.

The efficient delivery service allows the cold-pressed juices to be consumed fresh, and each bottle has an expiration label as well as a nutrition labels, perfect for those who need to watch out for ingredients. The juices are categorised into four colours: Red, Yellow, Orange and Green. With Chef Akrame’s creative flair, you know the combinations are going to be delicious!

Click here to check out their pop up store locations, Tel: 2325 9368,

Sassy Tip: Need a quick dose of Vitamin C? Pineapple Power provides everything you need for the day ahead (read: the perfect hangover cure). 

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Genie Juicery

It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of arguably Hong Kong’s “first” juice company. Our previous That Girl Cara and That Bride Melanie are best friends with a passion for healthy living, and they really kickstarted the juicing craze here in Hong Kong.

They’ve grown from a small branch to having a store in the coveted ifc mall, a store in Taipei, Hollywood Road and Sai Ying Pun. Apart from cold pressed juices they also sell several other tasty nutritious items, making it a one-stop destination for all things healthy. We love the Genie girls!

Sassy Tip: Skip your morning latte and opt for a ‘Supreme High’ instead.

Their stores can be found in a couple of locations, click here to check them out.


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Hong Kong Juice Company

The Hong Kong Juice Company interestingly started off juicing for cancer patients, so they’ve got a good understanding of the nutritional and health benefits of cold-pressed juice. You can either pick the high-quality juices at the shop in Mid Levels, or order one of three cleanses to be delivered. The ‘Signature 5’ gives you the maximum amount of nutrients possible, or choose from deep or fast ‘New Bless’ cleanse.

Sassy Tip: Feeling sluggish? Swig from a Bottle O’ Bravado for a boost of energy and antioxidants.

Shop E, 1 Prince’s Terrace, Mid Levels, Central, Hong Kong,

Shop E, 18 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,


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Mr. Green Juice

Energise your life with Mr. Green Juice, a raw juice concept that hopes to make juices a daily habit for health-conscious Hong Kongers.

The juices are made from seasonal, organic vegetables and are never pasteurised. They use a hydraulic press that fully extracts the juice from the produce and use recycled and reusable glass bottles. We love the environmental ethos behind this brand… the creamy shakes are super filling and ideal as a take-away breakfast! Delivery options are also available.

Sassy Tip: Take a break from your computer screen and drink in a little Eye Candy.

You can grab their juices from a few different retail locations; click here to check it out.


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Punch Detox

Punch Detox juices are quite different from others around town as they only focus on cleanses and group orders; no single orders are made available. You can find out more about their cleanses on the website by clicking here. They only operate online and they’re good to try is your a seasoned ‘cleanser’.

Sassy Tip: Order a Punch six pack and keep them in the fridge to serve as a healthy treat, dose of vitamins or a replacement to your usual fizzy fixes.

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Organic, environmentally friendly and sustainably produce, with no artificial pesticides or fertilisers… nood claims to offer all of these sought after qualities! Apart from different cold pressed juices, you can also find super food smoothies and delicious healthy foods at their store. This juice spot is perfect for a post-workout pick me up, or for grabbing something healthy to eat on the go! Delivery options are available.

Sassy Tip: Opt for a Peace and Pineapple post workout to help aid with recovery

You can grab their juices from a few different retail locations; click here to check it out,

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Hyaku is the perfect company if only consuming liquid all day is not the thing for you! Let’s face it, not everyone can deal with/agrees with full on juice cleanses, but if you still want to add some healthy juice into your diet, Hyaku is there for just that. With really cute packaging, Hyaku delivers right to your door.

Each of the four juices in the package has a different purpose, covering all things related to body balance and health and they’re the perfect additions to a healthy diet. They’re currently based online at the moment, but they are looking to update their retailers – sign up to their newsletter for updates!

Sassy Tip: If you’re ordering your faves online, why not donate a bottle to Foodlink or Food Angel while you’re at it?


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Although their bottles are a little pricey, these fresh vibrant juices are definitely worth trying. They have a smaller, simpler range of juices, which can actually make it easier to pick out the flavour you want. Their website also provides nutritional information on each of the juices and delivery options are available.

Sassy Tip: Refresh and reset with a Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice!

You can grab their juices from a few different retail locations; click here to check it out.

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This company puts a huge focus on their cleanse programme, which is specially created for busy Hong Kongers. The company claims that you can keep a high-energy lifestyle with the intake of a lower number of calories, delivered right to you! They have different cleanses that are suitable for everyone from beginners to cleansing pros.

Sassy Tip: Down in one, the Veggie Bomb ticks all of the right boxes!

Tel: 3693 4550,

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