24 July, 2019
lifestyle sex experience orgasmic bliss
lifestyle sex experience orgasmic bliss

Pleasure Hacks: How To Experience Orgasmic Bliss

24 July, 2019
lifestyle sex experience orgasmic bliss

Because you’re worth it!

Hands up if you have a particular style or routine when it comes to sex or self-pleasuring! You’ve figured out what works for you in the bedroom, you’re comfortable with your routine and know that it will most likely lead to the big O. But maybe you’re left wondering if there’s more you can do to prolong that feeling of satisfaction. Or, maybe you and your partner have been sticking to the same bedroom routine for a while now and it’s good, but you feel something is missing and you’re yearning for more.

Long term routine and repetition won’t allow you to experience a different level of pleasure and it won’t open you up to richer, more fulfilling sexual adventures. I’m not sure what types of orgasm you enjoy, but what if I were to tell you that there are different types of orgasms that will leave you feeling amazing. I know many of us grew up experimenting with clitoral orgasms, which are experienced by the friction-based rubbing of the clitoris which leads to a very direct and localised explosion of pleasure. Think of it as a genital sneeze! There is a build up, leading into an explosion and the pleasure disappears fairly quickly. Of course these are absolutely wonderful, and I don’t encourage you to stop having them BUT (with a little practice) your body also has the capability to experience totally different types of sensual pleasure. Sounds good, right? So here are my four top tips to help you experience orgasmic bliss.

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lifestyle sex orgasmic bliss gspot orgasm

1. G-spot Orgasms

Pleasure here can be slow to build in the beginning, but it can turn into a deep vaginal explosion full of pleasure and surrender. It can also bring up strong emotions and by allowing yourself to express what arises, you can open yourself up to the magic of this sacred spot. The G-spot orgasm can also lead to female ejaculation as well, so how do you experience it? Insert a finger about two inches into your vagina, then lift upward toward your belly button in a “come hither” motion. The key is to relax and to surrender to the sensation.

2. Cervical Orgasms

For many women this is a powerful and profound orgasm, which is often followed by outpourings of love, tears, feelings of transcendence or a meditative state. But it does take some work and practice to get there. It may sound like an exaggeration, but the cervical orgasm can truly take you to another plane of reality. You may find that you’re in a complete state of bliss and it takes a while to come down from this. The best way to experience a Cervical Orgasm is by using a Pleasure Wand, which is a very healing and powerful tool. The way you use it is to slowly map the inside of your vagina clockwise and work your way towards the cervix. Be sure to listen to your body and it will lead the way.

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lifestyle sex orgasmic bliss breast massage

3. Breast Pleasure

Awaken this area and you’ll connect to a whole new level of self-love, power and pleasure. It’s the gateway to deeper love, nurture and calmness, and it will also help to clear out emotional hurt, heartbreak and trust issues. You can literally remove what’s blocking you from love or self-love by getting the oxytocin flowing. I have seen women shed baggage from breast massage alone. Plus it’s detoxing, which makes it good for your health. From a tantric standpoint, your breasts and vagina are connected. So awakening your breasts means awakening down there too!

4. Energetic Orgasm

If you had told me a few years ago I could have an orgasm using only my breath or by harnessing my thoughts to connect them to my body, I would have told you that’s not possible. However, it turns out that it really is! Energetic or full body orgasm is basically waves of ecstasy that move through the entire body rather than staying localised in one area. A good example of localised pleasure would be the type of orgasm you usually have with a vibrator a.k.a the “genital sneeze” I mentioned earlier. A full body orgasm is completely different. Often with full body bliss, you can ride the waves for as long as you like, rather than the finished feeling you get from a more localised orgasm. They’re powerful, expansive and incredibly healing. Why not contact an intimacy coach to help steer you towards pleasure and happiness in your life.

These four points are just some examples of how you can better harness your orgasmic pleasure and sensual bliss. For those who stay committed to exploring different things, the journey becomes a whole lot more exciting. If you want to find out more about how you’re sensually wired to help you have full blissful orgasms, then take my quiz.

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