16 July, 2012

Jack Wills Summer 2012 – Britannia rules the waves!

16 July, 2012

My uni days may be behind me (and slipping further and further into the abyss!) but there is something to be said about the college cool appeal of Jack Wills Summer 2012 Collection. For those of you that love to live your life in the comfort of a cosy t-shirt, then you will be pleased to hear that JW can keep those cupboards stocked! But t-shirts aren’t all that hangs on their racks… There are printed pants, snappy blazers, and party frocks to take you from the classroom and beyond. Get ready because school’s out!

First up… the basics. Jack Wills will keep your weekend chilled with a hearty range of tees, tanks, comfy shorts, and sweatshirts all logo-ed to perfection! With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee just gone and the London Summer Olympics on the horizon, there even more Cool Britannia influences than ever, and lots of sporting touches so that you can support your home team from afar this summer!

If you want to take things up a notch, then the try these rompers and blazers on for size! Classic colours and pretty florals really make these playful rompers and daytime frocks come alive. I love the floral trousers, which would be equally cute with thin leather flip-flops or chunky wooden wedges. You can even mix prints here and wear them with a pale sheer floral blouse like the one featured in my Jack Wills Spring post (it was still on the rack when I popped by).

Meanwhile, Rach had her heart stolen by an adorable Liberty-style print floral frock, with cute oversized pockets and a gorgeous keyhole back detail. Perfect for throwing on and enjoying a carefree summer day!

My personal fave was this super girlie and tea party worthy prom dress. And the best part isn’t even the layers of poufy tulle or useful pockets…. Nope, try again…. It’s backless too! Worthy of high tea with the Queen herself!

Don’t forget to stock up on your swimwear and lingerie too – the cuts are very flattering and the colours are sure to make you smile (love that life-saver ring bikini print)!

Wait, we almost forgot about all the little bits and pieces that Jack Wills offers! There are scarves and shoes and bags galore… and not only can you accessorize yourself, but also your home! The pillows, blankets, cups and mugs are sure to fancy up your flat. What’s not to love about waking up to the Queen’s face? It’s enough to make you feel like royalty yourself!

Now that you’ve finished your summer reading (i.e this post!) what are you waiting for? Jack Wills is where summer happens!

Jack Wills, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 3105 1798

Jack Wills, LCX Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 3101 9776


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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