17 March, 2014
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Inn Side Out: Hong Kong’s ultimate sports bar

17 March, 2014

If you haven’t been to Inn Side Out, you can hardly call yourself a true Hong Konger! For those of you in the know, I’m sure you’ve already visited their newest home at the South China Athletics Association (SCAA). But if you have yet to make a trip here, read on for the Inn Side story!

outside inn side out

The new Inn Side Out (or ISO, as the regulars call it) has a lot to brag about – first of all, it’s got a total of 9000 square foot of space (amazing!) with an incredibly chill indoor and outdoor atmosphere. The restaurant is right above the SCAA’s grassy pitch, so if you’re here during the day, pull out your sunnies and enjoy the sun; and at night, be prepared to watch people whacking away at the driving range below.

One thing to note is that to get in on the ISO action, you must sign up to become a member first. Don’t be put off by this (it’s a mere $120 a year for membership!), I promise it’s totally worth it! ISO has always been known to have incredibly friendly staff, and judging by how packed it was on the night I went, it’s clear that everyone wants in on Inn Side Out!

chicken salad inn side out

As for the food, the first thing I ordered was ISO’s signature chicken salad. Even though it’s ideal for sharing with friends, this is the one time you probably won’t want to! I loved the crunchy soba noodles and the hoisin dressing in the salad, which just kept me digging for more!

chickenwings - inn side out

If you’ve got a special spot in your tummy for chicken wings, give ISO’s hot wings a try. The chicken buffalo wings were very moreish (as are all chicken wings), although a bit of spice would have given them more of a kick.


The classic burger then came along – with the works! It was literally overflowing with grilled mushrooms and crispy slices of bacon, and there were onion rings and fries on the side. The sheer size of it was daunting, so I would suggest ordering this when you feel the hunger pains calling!

ribs inn side out

We got a full slab of BBQ ribs – the ribs were juicy and literally fell off the bone, and I couldn’t stop licking my lips to get all of the ISO special smoky hickory sauce.

And for the ultimate comfort food, I just may have found THE best to-die-for mac and cheese in town. When it arrived, it looked absolutely stunning, and it had the flavour to match. It was wonderfully creamy without being too heavy, and the bacon bits mixed in added just the right amount of saltiness to each bite. I promise you – once you’ve had it, you will want this for dinner all week long!


To end, you must save room for the famous ISO cookie. This will definitely make it onto your chocolate fix it list! This chewy, rich cookie is just ridiculously good – get a scoop of ice cream in there to experience happiness in one (big) bite!

Inn Side Out is one of those rare places that have both indoor and outdoor areas that work. Whether you’re enjoying the sun and a few beers with friends, or hosting a private party, the chilled out vibe here makes this place the perfect hangout spot. Prices here are extremely reasonable, so expect a big meal to be about $200 per head (although this may depend on how much you want to drink!). With an incredible list of beers and tasty comfort food, I’ve already signed up as a member. How about you?

Inn Side Out  2/F, SCAA, 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2895 2900  www.elgrande.com.hk/…

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