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Halloween Craziness

It’s taken me until this morning to feel totally human again after the Halloween craziness – not sure Halloween should EVER be held on a Saturday night ever again. I left it until 6.30pm to figure out my costume, which meant a run down to Queen’s Road to try to hit up Sasa, H&M and Pottinger Street all at once. Seemed about a million other people had exactly the same last-minute instincts, so it was a total bun fight and I didn’t even venture up Pottinger.

Once we were ready we fought our way down through SoHo and along Queen’s Road once again to have dinner at Zuma. The crowds were cheering the party buses going down the street and it looked as though there was a couple of hours wait at least to get into LKF. Once we were at Zuma we didn’t really want to do anything other than just stay there, so I’m admiring of those brave souls who hit up several successive parties! The most popular Halloween costume this year for girls seemed to be Cleopatra – saw at least 6 looking hot just at the Alive Not Dead bash.

Wow, now it’s on to getting ready for Christmas already! We’re planning a big Sassy event in early December, so watch this space.

Photo via LifestyleAsia.

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