22 March, 2017
kita yoga studio
kita yoga studio
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Kita Yoga: A Fresh and Energetic Yoga Studio in Sheung Wan

22 March, 2017
kita yoga studio

Contemporary yoga classes on U Lam Terrace


District: U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan
How much: $300 for a drop-in class, or $2750 for 10 classes.
Best For: Intimate classes with a hands-on approach to teaching
Must-Try Class: Kita Flow (choose from beginner, intermediate and expert classes)

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The benefits of yoga have been proven time and time again – and there’s a reason why everyone who (proactively!) practices is soon addicted. Whether you’re out to relieve stress, increase flexibility, or just want a general strength and conditioning workout, this boutique yoga studio has got you covered.

Kita Yoga is a relaxed, airy, modern studio in Sheung Wan started by Nikita Ramchandani. Raised in Hong Kong, this ESF kid moved back to the city with the hopes of making yoga accessible and engaging, all whilst working to build a community. She even invites students to hang out after class to meet like-minded people! We’re not sure if it’s Nikita’s welcoming nature, or the incredible (no slip) yoga mats, but there’s an instantly cool, chilled out vibe to greet you the minute you step into the space.

The classes range from beginner to advanced, including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yoga Therapy. Kita creates a holistic and healing experience by blending the lineages of yoga in a way that speaks to the modern yogi (and yogini!). We’re loving the sound of the Hangover Cure class, and a Vinyasa Flow to Deep House tunes. If you’re after more of a tried-and-tested route to enlightenment, fear not! Kita incorporates meditation and breath work throughout each class, and the instructors are well aware of the benefits yoga has on our mental state.

We had the chance to check out the Kita Flow Class, and it’s safe to say it was exactly the high we needed to end our week. Nikita’s energetic style of teaching was a refreshing pick-me-up, and we ended the one hour session feeling stretched out and calm. Keen to check it out yourself? Expect small class sizes (no more than 12 in a session), helpful hands-on assists, and a full mind and body workout! 

 Mansha Channa, Partnerships Manager Sassy Mama HK
Experience Level: Intermediate

Favourite Pose: Chaturanga (the yoga push up)
During the class, I felt… like I was getting a real workout, it was definitely no walk in the park. I enjoyed the focus on creating space in my body whilst engaging all my muscles. I loved Nikita’s attentiveness to correct my form which enabled me to work deeper in my poses.
Afterward, I felt… relaxed and all of the tension I was holding had been released. I was grateful for the intensity, I was sore the next day which felt GREAT! I slept wonderfully that night!!
In an Emoji: 👍

 Surmayee, Partnerships Manager
Experience Level: Amateur

Favourite Pose: Balasana (Child’s Pose)
During the class, I felt… challenged! I do practice yoga semi regularly, but Nikita definitely helped me to reach new levels of my practice. I really appreciated the modifications she gave me to accommodate for old injuries, and loved that she was hands-on in fixing my posture throughout the class, so I knew exactly where I was going wrong.
Afterward, I felt… wonderfully stretched out (not as weird as it sounds!) but also sweaty! This class was definitely a workout, so don’t expect a breezy walk in the park. Luckily Nikita knows just the right way to push you based on your ability, so the class felt really personalised.
In an Emoji: 🙏

 Elly, Administrative Assistant
Experience Level: Beginner

Favourite Pose: Shavasana
During the class, I felt… Well taken care of! No matter your level (I can’t even touch my feet with my fingertips!) Nikita always adjusts the pose to make sure that it’s the right fit for you.
Afterward, I felt…  Refreshed! I had no real idea as to what yoga involved before the class. What’s so difficult about bending over? I was totally wrong! It feels so great having released the tension from my shoulders.
In an Emoji: 😅

 Bea, Graphic Designer
Experience Level: n00b

Favourite Pose: Cobra
During the class, I felt… clumsily zen. Even if you’re a klutz like me, you can’t help but feel soothed and ready-to-be-flexy in Kita Studio’s naturally lit and open space.
Afterward, I felt… revived! After a long, hard Friday, I was ready to call it quits, but Nikita’s class woke me up, mind, body and stubborn soul.
In an Emoji: ✌️

 Pearl, Editorial Assistant
Experience Level: Yogi wannabe

Favourite Pose: Warrior (1)
During the class, I felt… inspired. Although I do practice yoga regularly, there was something about the cosy, relaxed setting of Kita Yoga Studio. The soothing scent around the room and Nikita’s passion for yoga make this class so fun to be part of.
Afterward, I felt… refreshed! After this class, I actually started taking classes at Kita Yoga. I joined a few community classes led by incredible yogis, which has also given me the opportunity to expose myself to different movements and styles. What I love about the studio is that it’s space is not just about yoga but also gathering positive energy and self-love.
In an Emoji: 🔥

 Tania, Assistant Editor
Experience Level: … I yoga

Favourite Pose: Side crow/side crane (because I only realised I could do it during this class)
During the class, I felt… warm. To the point where half of me wanted to keep pushing through it and the other half wanted the air-con on. Though I do practice yoga, past injuries and current back problems make me extra cautious with new classes. Nikita’s personal touch rid me of that niggling worry before we even started. She really does make sure you’re pushed out of your comfort zone enough to make it a rewarding challenge.
Afterward, I felt… focused. We actually headed over for yoga late on a Friday afternoon, so I had to head back to the office before a night out. I had walked into the class with a somewhat jumbled mindset (and a stiffness in my upper back) and I left with a concise to-do list, feeling refreshed and ready to end my workweek on a high.
In an Emoji: 🙌

Kita Yoga, 1, U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, www.kita-yoga.com

Image credited to Kita Yoga

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