5 August, 2019

Team Sassy’s Favourite Summer Scents

5 August, 2019

Find out which perfumes have made their way onto our dressing tables!

Estee Lauder has been quoted as saying, “Perfume is like a new dress. It makes you quite simply marvellous!”, and we have to say we tend to agree! Whether it’s the first thing you put on after a shower or the last thing you spray before running out the door, chances are the scent you choose will be different to that of your friends and colleagues. We also tend to mix up our go-to fragrances throughout the year, favouring something lighter in the summer and something a bit more lingering and heady in the winter. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration ahead of a holiday duty free shop, or just want an insight into what Team Sassy is currently liberally spritzing, here are our favourite summer scents.

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Philosophy's Amazing Grace

Caroline Jones, Managing Editor

My summer scent is Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. I never want anything too heavy in the summer months so I love that this smells light and fresh, but at the same time floral and feminine. I’ve even taken to carrying a rollerball version of it in my handbag! I like that there are other products in the range too, so if I want the fragrance to be more long-lasting I layer it with the shower gel and body lotion.

Available online from Cosmetics Now from $374

Jo Malone Wood sage and sea salt

Annie Simpson, Editor

I don’t really have a strict summer perfume, instead I tend to wear the same light scent all year around. I have been a huge fan of Jo Malone products for years and its Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne is always my go to. I’m not really into overly sweet or fruity scents, so I love the subtle, fresh and woody notes in this perfume – making it suitable for everyday wear!

Available at Jo Malone boutiques and concessions across Hong Kong or online from Lane Crawford from $600

The Ritual Of Sakura Hair & Body Mist

Tania Shroff, Editor

This summer, I’ve started using The Ritual Of Sakura Hair & Body Mist to add a fresh, daytime touch each morning. It’s subtle and feminine without being overly fruity or floral. Plus, it’s so light, you can even opt to spritz it on top of your signature scent and there shouldn’t be any conflicting base notes.

Available from Rituals, Shop No. B221B, Basement 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong for $175

Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Acqua

Jess Ng, Junior Editor

I’m a creature of habit so I rarely (if ever) stray from my go-to Chanel No.5. The only exception I make is for Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Acqua. It’s fresh and clean, with hints of citrus notes. Simply put, it smells like summer in a bottle to me.

Available online from Lane Crawford for $950

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Red Roses Cologne from Jo Malone

Daisy Dudley, Art Director

My scent of the summer is Red Roses Cologne from Jo Malone. I’ve always liked the smell of roses but, having moved from the UK to Hong Kong, I really miss seeing people’s front gardens explode with these flowers at the beginning of the British summer. I visited London in May this year and was taken aback by the abundance of them in the back streets of the city, so this scent helps to transport me there when I’m feeling a tad homesick.

Available at Jo Malone boutiques and concessions across Hong Kong or online from Lane Crawford from $600

Dahlia Divin Eau De Parfum Nude by Givenchy

Elle Noble, Partnerships Manager

I’m currently loving Dahlia Divin Eau De Parfum Nude by Givenchy. With its mix of floral and fruity ingredients, the scent is feminine, fresh, and perfect for summer!

Available online from Sephora from $600

Glossier's Glossier You

Jordanne Grey, Partnerships Manager

My summer scent is Glossier’s Glossier You. I love it because it smells slightly different on everyone who wears it. It’s creamy and fresh and makes me think of straw hats, sunshine and outdoor festivals. It’s hard to source in HK so I have to beg friends who are coming back from the UK or US, but it’s worth it!

Glossier currently doesn’t ship to Hong Kong, but if you’re in the UK or US you can order online from around $470

Tory Burch's fragrance Tory Burch

Marie Bazinet, Partnerships Support Executive

I have been loving Tory Burch’s fragrance Tory Burch because it smells just like summer in the countryside. It perfectly combines citrus scents, like grapefruit and bergamot, with fresh peony flowers (my favourites). Plus, the bottle looks super cute on my dresser which never hurts!

Available online from Cosmetics Now from $527

Artwork by Julia Marinelli for Sassy Media Group.

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