16 August, 2014

Workshop Weddings: Christine Ritter

16 August, 2014

With only three months to plan her own wedding at the Peak Lookout, Christine Ritter held a workshop every weekend at home leading up the wedding, setting up the most efficient production lines with champagne and cupcakes, chatting while workshopping with her friends and in late 2013, Workshop Weddings was born!


The beautiful french-korean yogi, quit her job to plan her big day as it proved difficult to find someone who could give her a personalised service at an affordable price! One of the best parts of Workshop Weddings is finding out how you can save money on your wedding by adding your own personalized touch. At her own wedding, each table had a touch of her or her husband’s heritage and personality on it, like a saddle representing her riding days decorated with flowers. Christine’s dad is a chef and she used his old pots to decorate and filled her mom’s korean rice bowls with white rabbit candy. YUM!


Some of the magic that was created out of workshopping for her own wedding with all the support of her friends included, props for the polaroid photo booth, hand made floral arrangements at the entrance, hand sewn napkins and a giant sign made out of fairy lights reading, “love me do”. As her own personal touch, hand beaded gowns were gifted to Christine’s bridesmaids with the help of elDevere’s, Emma Bryan. Christine also had her gorgeous wedding gown made by elDevere and she’s now apprenticing with Emma Bryan to create unique and personal wedding gowns for every bride at any budget.


I asked why workshop for your wedding instead of buying, Christine shared, “It’s a great process to be with a bride, you’re managing your wedding and involved and it’s hand crafted to show your personalities. Working with the brides is very calming and therapeutic to include details into what you’re making and it all comes together on the day and it’s magic! It was a nice process to be in rather than dictate and leave it to someone else.” Another great part about workshopping with friends is for everyone to play a part because wedding advice and great ideas often come from workshopping together!


I’ve been workshopping with Christine to create a special gift for my grandfather who raised me during the formative teenage years of my life in Canada, fishing every week and cooking lots of dishes every night for me and ready to drive me at a moment’s notice if I was running late for dance practice or school! He isn’t going to make our wedding as he’s aging through the cycle of life but he still reminds me, “I’m waiting for your cup of sweet marriage tea!”. Knowing that I won’t be able to fulfill this before the wedding, I asked Christine with the help of Emma Bryan at elDevere to get a piece of fabric from my wedding dress to make my grandfather a pocket square with the words 恩重如山 which translates to, “I am ever indebted to you, like the weight of a mountain”. Before my wedding, I have planned a date with my girlfriends and a workshopping weekend to make my veil, my garter and another pocket square for my father before the big day. I wasn’t sure I even wanted a veil until I realised how personal it would be if my girlfriends made it with me!

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Now almost a year into business, Workshop Weddings offers wedding planning services, workshops for brides, beautifully beaded and embroidered accents and even floral arrangements. Workshop Weddings offers floral advice from partner Lai Wing, who used to work full time as a dental assistant and part time in the flower market because flowers are her passion! She can help with floral arrangements for the bridal party, the tables and the decor too. Having things tailor made brings out the bride and groom and what their personalities are at a wedding. It always comes together beautifully.

Book your workshop now and enjoy the journey of personalizing your wedding!

Workshop Weddings, www.workshopweddings.com 



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