16 August, 2014

Create your perfect engagement ring with the experts at Temptations

16 August, 2014

If Sassy Media Group’s slogan is digital media for women, by women, then Temptation’s motto is definitely diamonds for women, by women. Started by two sisters 25-years ago, the company specialises in sourcing, designing and creating diamond jewellery from start to finish. Their showroom in TST East is luxurious yet discreet thanks to its location behind closed doors in Concorida Tower. Viewings and consultations are by appointment and all queries are met with a friendly smile whether it’s for a a simple gold band or an enormous diamond. They create all different types of fine jewellery from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and cufflinks, but are best known for their wedding jewellery.

I spent an hour exploring their showroom with Michelle Buxani, sister to one of Sassy’s future That Brides Sheryl Buxani, and daughter to one of the co-founders. The two sisters now work alongside their two mothers, after becoming certified gemologists. Michelle spends the majority of her time sourcing diamonds before handing them to the company’s craftsmen who are located in the same premise. She then worked alongside her family to come up with bespoke designs for each customer. I saw some of her drawings and they were like works of art, colour coded and life size, truly breathtaking.

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After being blind-sided by all of the beautiful jewellery I remembered to get back to the task at hand and got back to the business of engagement rings. Let’s be honest… diamonds are extortionate, and next to buying a house or a car there’s probably nothing else that you or your future husband will invest so much money in. So it’s important that you get it right… right?! So I acted like a bride-to-be in true Sassy style and started asking a million questions!

Michelle explained the diamond business and Temptation’s specialities from start to finish. The most important point I gathered from our discussion was that diamond buyers should purchase stones as close to the source as possible. My translation… never pay retail. Invest in the biggest and best stone that your budget allows and set it in a design that brings the diamond to life. If you’ve invested in a huge stone then keep the setting simple. If your stone is smaller, get a halo setting with pave diamonds placed around it to enhance the diamond. It’s obviously not as simple as that but it’s a good starting point.

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Temptations is the place to go if you want to be involved in the engagement ring process from start to finish. Their diamonds are spectacular and they do all of the sourcing themselves. Your design is created just for you and you can choose your exact setting. I had never realised how important settings were until my meeting with Michelle. Temptations have an uncanny knack for making a 1.5-carat diamond look like a 3-carat and a 6-carat look like a 10-carat. I was genuinely shocked at how well they could enhance diamonds and picked my jaw off the floor on two occasions.

Michelle ended our meeting with a ‘Carat Quiz’. She made me guess the carat of three different engagement rings and I guessed wrong each time. I thought each diamond was three times the carat size it actually was, which once again made me understand the importance of settings!


Temptations cater to a variety of different clients so whether you’re looking for a subtle engagement ring or oversized knuckle buster, they definitely have something to suit your taste and your pocket. Couple that with their friendly service with a smile, exceptional craftsmanship and stunning diamonds that are GIA certified and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to purchase your engagement ring! Highly recommended.

To book an appointment at Temptations to view their spectacular Hong Kong showroom and to book an engagement ring or jewellery consultation, email [email protected] or call 2722 0268.

Temptations, 2722 0268, http://temptations.com.hk/website

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