5 DJs Guaranteed to Get you Pumped and on the Road to Ultra

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Knife Party

This Australian electronic dance duo has been on the dance scene since 2011, working with some of the hottest names in the industry and bringing you incredible mix after mix! Previously rocking it as members of drum and bass band Pendulum, these two have since embarked on their own ventures and will have you fist pumping and shuffling to their catchy, hard-hitting futuristic compilations!

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If you’re yet to catch NERO live, you’re in for a treat, party people! Those who headed to the UK for university will more than likely have fond memories (for the most part!) of going hard at the Student Union to many great NERO tracks. With several of their hits reaching top spots on the charts, their mix of smooth female vocals and drum and bass will definitely set the vibe for the night ahead…

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Martin Garrix

Currently ranking in DJ Magazine as the third best DJ in the world, Martin Garrix has made a huge name for himself with his super catchy dance tunes. Famed more recently for his track ‘Animals‘ that has had club-goers stampeding the dance floor, his tracks are edgy and often inspired by all-time dance legend, Tiësto. We’ve got our fingers tightly crossed that he busts out his newest collaboration with Bebe Rexha, ‘In the Name of Love‘…

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You’ve more than likely been kicking off pre-drinks and your nights out with Galantis‘ tracks for years. With their hit ‘Runaway‘ taking the club scene by storm last year and their more recent chart-topping track ‘No Money‘ paving the way for an awesome night out – this is one duo you’ll definitely not want to miss.

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Marshmello‘s killing the electro game… and all without revealing his identity! Famed for his iconic ‘marshmallow’ mask, this secretive artist is constantly churning out sexy, trap house that’s riling up crowds of electro-fans all over the world… soon to be adding us Hong Kongers to the list!

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