8 September, 2016
woman at wonderfruit festival in thailand
woman at wonderfruit festival in thailand

Festival Fashion: What to Wear to HK’s Upcoming Music Festivals

8 September, 2016
woman at wonderfruit festival in thailand

How to avoid the crop top and denim uniform this season


With great festivals comes great responsibility; to avoid looking like every other girl racing their way to the front of the stage for the perfect Snapchat. It seems that over the years major music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury have become so much more than just the actual music – festivals now act as a great resource for trend spotters and fashion buyers.

But with this proliferation of sartorial importance, there has been an unfortunate monopolisation of festival style and it can be easy to fall into the trap of looking like everyone around you. Luckily I’ve made a few fun and festive suggestions below to give your festival style some extra oomph. Check out my tips for what to wear to three upcoming festivals in HK and Asia…

collage of people at a festival

Road to Ultra

One of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, Road to Ultra, is bringing a host of international DJs such as Knife Party, Nero and Martin Garrix to Hong Kong on Saturday, 17 September. With such great music, Ultra is going to be high intensity with a lot of jumping around. Make sure that you’re super comfortable for this one and able to move around easily. But just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up with sequins and silks; or leather and a best friend with a coordinating outfit.

Road to Ultra tickets available here.

collage of girls in denim jackets


From Friday, 25 November – Sunday, 27 November, Clockenflap will be gracing the Central harbourfront once again with some of the most recognised artists and bands in music; think Sigur Ros, Crystal Castles, Foals and Fat Freddy’s Drop. A little more commercial but with an edgy side too, Clockenflap is a great festival to play dress up and have fun with some statement accessories. Or try some new fabrics to add some zing to your style while keeping it simple everywhere else. Vintage tees and iconic sportswear are two trends that are definitely suited to this one!

Clockenflap tickets available here.

girls in colourful outfits

Wonderfruit Thailand

An ‘ecologically-conscious’ event with music, art and theatre set in Thailand… sounds dreamy! More Woodstock than Wooloomooloo, Wonderfruit is your inner earth-child coming out in the sunshine. Think easy, flowing fabrics and light colours with natural textures and playful prints. Body suits are a major trend right now, as are sheer maxi-silhouettes (which just so happen to pair beautifully together).

Wonderfruit tickets are available here.

fashionable rain boots and bum bags

Accessories can play a big role in your look too; so don’t be afraid to rock some bold pieces or stacked metallics. Make-up is also gaining prominence on the festival scene – glitter roots, jewelled appliqué and vibrant hues all add an element of luxe to your look. Denim is a festival staple; but this year it’s been updated with customised appeal. DIY denim is where it’s at.

festival hair accessories

And remember, no matter how hot it is during the day, night time at festivals can get chilly, so unless you’re planning on stealing your someone’s sweater; pack something warm for once the sun sets. Wrap it around your waist like the 90s vixen that you are and prepare to dance yourself silly this festival season!

Featured image sourced via Wonderfruit Thailand, image #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 sourced via Pinterest

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