20 June, 2016
treadmills in the HIT45 Studio
treadmills in the HIT45 Studio
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High Intensity Strength Training Session that Delivers: HIT45

20 June, 2016
treadmills in the HIT45 Studio

We test out a new fitness class in Central


It’s hot, it’s humid and the last thing you want to do is workout – I feel you. But the glorious summer has (finally!) arrived, meaning junk parties, beach BBQs, and poolside chill sessions are filling up our calendars. Though the desire to workout feels a world away, there is something about the summer sun that can motivate a girl… All that vitamin D, perhaps? So if you’re searching for the perfect fat-burning, muscle-toning regime, HIT45 is just the place to hit between the happy hours and summer hikes!

HIT45 is a novel indoor boot camp studio conveniently located on Stanley Street in Central (right next to Holly Brown – post workout ice cream, anyone?). The studio offers 45-minute, high intensity workouts designed to torch fat, tone muscle, build strength, and improve overall fitness. How, you may ask? The classes consist of well-balanced intervals of cardio, free weight, and body weight exercises to insure you experience a total body burn.

In this bustling city, time is a hot commodity. We all want to achieve more in less time. High intensity training is one of the most efficient workout methods. By pushing yourself to the limit in short bursts you burn calories quicker (yay!). On top of that, High Intensity Training creates an “afterburn” effect so you continue to burn calories post-workout (burning calories whilst vegging? Yes, please!).

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As you would expect, the sleek studio is kitted out with an array of shiny, new gym equipment ranging from dumbbells to medicine balls. One side of the L-shaped room is lined with eight, one-of-a-kind Green Jog Treadmills, which are good for the environment and your body. These treadmills claim to burn 30% more calories and mimic outdoor running in a more accurate way – all whilst protecting your joints better than traditional treadmills. As an alternative to movement on machines, the floor design encompasses steps to allow for comprehensive strength training. Basically, they encourage you to utilise the steps, floor, wall… and anything else around you!

the interior or hit45 hong kong

All of this sounds amazing, but the fact is: these classes are intense. You will sweat! Fortunately, the circuit style class ensures variety and a constant challenge, so the time passes very quickly. Another saving grace is that classes can be customised to your strength and fitness level. Phew! The instructor is always there to guide you, but ultimately you get to set your running pace and decide on how much weight you lift! On top of that, the bumpin’ tunes, spirited instructors, and striking lights motivate you to hold that plank a few more seconds!

HIT45 is the perfect workout for someone who wants to revolutionise their training, be pushed to their limits and ultimately, get results! Do not be afraid to sweat, pant, or grunt (and look less than ideal whilst doing so) through this intensive, fast-paced program, as you will leave on a high! And remember that HIT45 caters to all fitness levels. The experienced trainers are extremely friendly and will guide you the whole way. All you need is a can-do attitude.

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Finally, for those of you who need a little incentive to work out, HIT45 offers made-to-order protein shakes and high protein, low carb power bars in a variety of tasty flavours! So head on down, what do you have to lose?

When: Monday – Friday, 6.30am – 9.30pm; Saturday, 9am-4pm; Sunday, closed
How much: One-off sessions are $270, 5 sessions for $1,250, 10 sessions for $2,200

HIT45, 1/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.hit45hk.com

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