20 January, 2016
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Top 6 Fitness Classes to Try in Hong Kong

20 January, 2016

Workout Inspiration for the New Year!


Alright girls, enough of the January blues! We are ready to kick 2016 into shape. The sun is shining, Hong Kong is looking better than ever and we are ready for an amazing year! Nothing screams good vibes like a new exercise obsession, and there’re quite a few classes we are lusting over this month. So without further ado we present to you our new favourite ab-busting, bum-clenching, leg-shaking and all round sweat-making workouts you should try this month!


Epic Body Fit, at Epic MMA Club *CLOSED*

Epic Body Fit is an exclusive female-only, results-oriented programme, providing a great variety of exercises lead by world-class coaches. From Muay Thai to weight training, each workout is fun and exciting yet still provides great structure and results. They also provide a weekly journal review and attendance tracking to help you keep on track and motivated with constant feedback and support from your assigned coach. This one takes commitment girls – it’s an eight-week long journey with some pretty kick-ass results!

Cost: $500 per week, so for eight weeks a total $4,000. Classes last for 60 minutes. Check out the schedule here.

Epic MMA & Fitness, 1/F China Building, 29 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 25252833


Lagree Fitness at H-Kore

Loved by celebrities such as Lagree fitness is a new exercise class that includes resistance and counter-resistance, core strengthening, flexibility, and cardio all wrapped into one sweat-dripping, muscle-burning, heart-pumping 45-minute workout. H-Kore is the only exercise studio in Hong Kong that promises this full body work-out within 45 minutes, giving you plenty of opportunity to fit it around you busy schedule. 

Cost: Take advantage of a special offer for a trial pack of two sessions for $180 (usually $700)

H-Kore, 3/F Wincome  Centre Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2441 9000


Train Like An Athlete at Optimum Performance Studio

Train-Like-An-Athlete sessions are pretty intense – they are strength challenged and inspired by ‘training the way you play’ – fun! Tools used in these sessions include kettle-bells, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags and more. This class is a toughy and is suitable for those who love using equipment in their workouts while working up an intense sweat! 

Cost: First-time visitors can enjoy any class for $150 and then $250 thereafter. Have a look at the schedule here

OPS studio , 16/F, Cheuk Nang Centre, 9 Hillwood Road, TST, Hong Kong, Tel: 2868 5170


Underwater Spinning at Hydro *CLOSED*

Also known as ‘Hydrotraining’, spinning on a bike underwater takes advantage of the physical properties of the water to offer a high resistance with low impact (and is just about as much fun as it sounds!). This kind of workout is actually more effective than most land-based exercises, but you’re not going to feel it as hard. The bikes are set in a small pool, with the seats above the surface so that your torso, hands and arms are all above the water. Trust us on this, it’s fun! Read our whole review here.

Cost: Single sessions start at $180, check out the schedule here

Hydro 1.0Shop no. 6 Brilliant Court No. 28 Praya, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, Tel: 9475 0737


Les Mills Bodypump

Formulated by Les Mills in New Zealand, this barbell-based resistance training workout will challenge all of your major muscle groups as you squat, row, lunge and lift. Bodypump improves your strength, tones your body, and increases your confidence throughout its 800 repetitions (it’s easier than it sounds, you do more steps than this walking to and from the office!). Try it out at the HIT room.

Cost: A single HIT class $155.00 and lasts 60 minutes. See full schedule here

HIT Room, Units 13 & 15, LG/F, Office Building, Block 2, Discovery Bay North Plaza, 96 Siena Avenue, Tel: 6621 7410


Curves Ahead at TOPFIT

This class is led by our girl crush Lindsay Jang, so it’s worth checking it out just to catch a glimpse of her tatted, toned arms for motivation! ‘Curves ahead’ is a female focused programmed designed to target and carve out specific areas of the female anatomy, aka; glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, triceps, shoulders and core. With classes before and after work (check out the times here) you’ve really got no excuse to not get bootylicious right now! We went to try it out and found it challenging but super professional. Work it, girls!

TOPFIT3F The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2776 7298

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