20 June, 2016
the interior of Cerynne spa hong kong
the interior of Cerynne spa hong kong

Lashes that Last: Elegant Eyelash Extensions from Cerynne

20 June, 2016
the interior of Cerynne spa hong kong

Fluttery Lashes and Sophisticated Nail Art at this Central Salon


With the summer months beating down on us, we’re no strangers to foundation on our sleeves and smudged mascara on our cheeks. The humidity makes it near impossible to hold a full face of makeup that lasts more than our morning commute – so when we heard about the opening of Cerynne, a chic eyelash and nail salon in Central, we couldn’t wait to take their eyelash extension and nail art services for a test drive!

the foyer of cerynne salon


Wearing makeup in Hong Kong is a daily struggle, and between the months of April through to October, it’s almost an impossibility, especially on a hot and sticky night out. Once the temperature begins to rise, I’ve got my morning routine down pat, mostly skipping the dripping foundation and opting for a lick of mascara and a bold lip instead. But even mascara can prove to be a bit of a nightmare if you’ve forgotten to pick up the waterproof version in Sasa! So when I first heard that Cerynne offered a sophisticated eyelash extension service, I couldn’t resist giving it a go in hopes that my morning walk to work just got a little bit easier, and a little less messy.

Using a new single-hair Japanese technique to apply the lashes, the friendly staff suggested that I try their ‘Glamorous’ style ($980), a fuller set of lashes that noticeable framed my eyes without giving off the impression that I was wearing false eyelashes – the result was so natural, and has made getting ready an absolute breeze. The black pigment in the lashes give off the impression that I’m wearing subtle makeup, and can easily be dressed up or down with a coat of eyeshadow of a little bronzer. Admittedly the process was quite tiresome, and with a short attention span as it is, I found it uncomfortable lying so still with my eyes closed for an hour as each lash is individually applied. However, I’ve really enjoyed my makeup-free days for the last few weeks, so I would definitely go back for a second set.


Not only do Cerynne offer lash extensions and eyebrow embroidery but they also offer a huge range of nail art options and professional manicures. My digits were treated to a special LED soft gel ($620) with a deluxe formula that paints on a coating which feels light on the nails, whilst also lasting up to four weeks. I loved that there was an enormous selection of nail art styles to choose from (perfect for that upcoming event), and finally settled on a royal blue shell with a cute, gold triangle in the centre – a welcomed change from from the simple coat of red that I usually opt for. As someone who isn’t too adventurous with their beauty regime, I really enjoyed branching out and sprucing up my nails that are so often glued to the keyboard of my work computer!

A comfortable lounge chair at Cerynne lash salon


Tucked away down a corner in Central, Cerynne is a hidden oasis in the bustling city centre. With previous experience in interior design, the owner has managed to infuse a sense of calm and relaxation into this relatively small space. The ‘spa’ feel definitely helps you unwind and I felt very welcome by the staff.

a close up of eyelash extensions

I also decided to give the eyelash extensions go before my holiday to Hoi An. Lexi’s eyelashes looked amazing and full, but I was worried that mine would look out of place as I don’t have that many natural lashes in the first place! Luckily, the staff help you choose your style depending on your eye shape, so I went for the ‘Cute’ style which has longer lashes in the middle. I managed to drift off to sleep a bit during my treatment, but I would definitely make sure you have plenty of time before you book in for eyelash extensions, as they are rather time consuming. That being said, the quality of these extensions is exceptionally high and they blend perfectly into natural lashes. I was really pleased with the results and loved not having to apply and remove mascara every morning and evening! After a week swimming in the ocean and pool every day during my holiday, quite a few of them have fallen out. However, if you’re not constantly drenching them in water and give them a bit more TLC, I reckon they would last a while longer.

I loved Lexi’s nails so I also went for a soft-gel manicure before I jetted off to Vietnam. I chose a minty, light blue colour with a white accent nail that was decorated with ‘marble’ nail art. The manicure was meticulous and I was impressed with how real the marble effect looked! Definitely a fun one if you fancy trying something different and are looking for high-quality polishes that will last.

Cerynne, 10/F, 60 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2336 6697, www.cerynne.com.hk. Click here to book your service!

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