26 September, 2016
spa foot treatment
spa foot treatment
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Unplug and Unwind with a Digital Detox at The Oriental Spa

26 September, 2016
spa foot treatment

Signing off…


Let’s face it girls, we’re born in a generation that relies tirelessly on technology! We’re glued to our screens day in and day out, living our lives through our favourite Instagram filters. And whether we’re working hard or playing even harder, we’re on our phones and tapping the keys of our laptops documenting the day’s events all day, everyday. With the pace of this crazy city speeding up by the second, we just need to shut off (literally!) and make some time for ourselves.

So when I caught wind of The Oriental Spa‘s latest detox initiative, I knew that this was one treatment that would be worth every minute spent away from work emails and more importantly, away from my phone.

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the interior of the oriental spa

Snuggled up in my fluffy robe, waiting for my consultation with the masseuse, I lay back, sipping on deliciously sweet goji berry tea, answering last minute work WhatsApps and triple checking my email incase anything ‘urgent‘ came through… until I was asked to surrender my phone

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Honestly? I was a little hesitant. Which in hindsight seems completely ridiculous! There was absolutely no need for the little surge of reluctance that ran through me – I’d been for countless massages where my phone remained in my bag, but I think it was the physical act of wrapping my phone in that black pouch and handing it in that was different.

Once my phone was safely stowed away, I was led into the ‘quiet’ room and I began to noticeably unwind. The room was a silent sanctuary, a rarity in the face of Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle, but it was an area where guests could do what they please… in peace! Waiting for me on the reclining lounge bed was a tray holding colouring pages and pencils, headphones and an assortment of chic magazines. And with a cool water in hand, I sat and coloured in pure silence until the masseuse was ready to begin my massage.

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Removing my jewellery and sinking back into a comfy chair, she began the 90-minute treatment with a detoxing foot ritual. Bathing my feet in warm water, and combining earthy Yin and Yang elements known as ‘Shungite(a powerful anti-oxidant known to absorb negative energy) into the basin, tension was quickly washed away. The foot massage was definitely a great indication of what was yet to come! The detox treatment is a full body massage which pays close attention to the head, eyes, neck, shoulders and hands – parts of our bodies that are constantly drained and over-worked! And quite honestly, just fifteen minutes in, I was feeling more relaxed than I could ever remember. My mind began to clear of all scattered thoughts and I was lulled into a deep rest fuelled by specially selected essential oils and an expert massage technique!

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inside the oriental spa hong kong

Just like that, the 90-minutes was up and I was gently brought back to reality, refreshed and with a surprising sense of clarity. Left to gather my things, I didn’t instinctively start searching the depths of my handbag for my phone. In fact, it didn’t cross my mind! Instead I made my way back to the silent room, poured myself a lemon water and thumbed through a home living magazine (#obsessed). The best part? Although the Digital Detox massage had technical finished, I was left to continue enjoying the peace and quite, as well as given full access to the pool and amenities. Not quite ready to face the world just yet, I took to the ‘sense’ showers which transported me to a misty ‘rainforest’ before submerging myself in the jacuzzi pool – bliss!

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At risk of sounding super cliché, life is stressful girls. Okay, sure, I’d be lying if I said that I made it all the way home without removing my phone from its protective pouch (I probably made it to the lobby of the Landmark) but having 90 minutes to myself, without any distractions was and is a rare opportunity you need to take advantage of! I got home and despite my lack of sleep, the hectic week I had ahead of me and my inbox doubling over the few hours I was ‘away’, I felt like I was ready to take it all on – rejuvenated, relaxed, and above all, with the realisation that it’s totally okay to put down your damn phone!

For reservations and pricing details send an email to [email protected] or call 2132 0011 to book in your detox!

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, www.landmark.hk/shopping/the-oriental-spa

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