4 July, 2016
a girl in a blue dress making a salad
a girl in a blue dress making a salad
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Reset with The RASA Cleanse

4 July, 2016
a girl in a blue dress making a salad

Eat Well, Live Well – Win a 21-Day RASA Cleanse!


There’s something about living in such a big city that makes eating healthily really difficult – well at least I’ve found it a constant struggle to turn down dinner dates with friends and avoid basket after basket of dumpling-goodness on weekends. And with an opportunity to wine, dine and brunch at every turn, I’ve consciously been ignoring the signs that I need to start taking better care of myself. Feeling sluggish, bloated and a few pounds overweight, I’ve been trying to put down the morning, milky flat white, and swap pasta ‘salad’ for fresh and healthier alternatives – and in the midst of a slump, I couldn’t have been introduce to The RASA Cleanse at a better time!

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a spread of healthy food and salad

Having toyed with the idea of a juice cleanse more than once, but dreading the idea of existing purely on liquid for a week, I was very happy to hear that The RASA Cleanse is instead based around an elimination-style diet. It includes an easy-peasy meal plan chockablock with nutritious, whole foods that are simple to whip up in our teeny-tiny kitchens, and easy to follow suggestions for when you’ve made dinner plans!

I know that I have several food intolerances, but admittedly, I’ve swept the signs far under the table and have continued to indulge in cheese and pasta – because dairy and carbs are small pleasures in life that I’m unwilling to sacrifice! But I can’t ignore that I am sensitive to different foods, which are definitely the cause of bloating, fatigue and my spot-prone skin. So, armed with a suggested shopping list, a basic plan which includes a breakfast smoothie, a hearty lunch, an afternoon shake and a nourishing soup for dinner, I was ready to hit the ground running and embark on a 21-day, toxin-eliminating cleanse.

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Starting my morning with a fresh berry smoothie, I was feeling good about the next few weeks. I was filled with positive thoughts and excited about losing a bit of weight, reducing stress levels, and finally working out what those hidden food intolerance are. And with founder and licensed Holistic Health Coach, Mia, available to assist in answering any questions and providing one-to-one coaching, I felt confident in joining the RASA community one healthy meal at a time!

a collage of a smoothie and lamb meatballs

I found my feet a couple of days in when I realised that my lunches didn’t have to be bland. I had visions of only eating plain chicken and vegetables for days on end, but with the support of daily emails and recipe suggestions, I quite literally spiced up my cooking and found that there are heaps of amazing ingredients that you can use aside from those that are ‘off-limits’. From lamb and tahini meatballs wrapped in coconut flesh wraps (my favourite gluten-free discovery to date!) to chicken and avocado ‘pesto’ zoodles, I quickly began to rack up a repertoire of delicious lunches. They not only followed the guidelines but are still a staple in my day-to-day cooking even now that the programme has finished.

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a collage of avocado chicken and mixed vegetables

With my own personal goals in mind I opted to admit carbs, which meant that come dinner time, my soups were a simple blend of spices and mixed vegetables. To be honest, (although tasty!) about a week or so into the cleanse I did find that only having soup for every evening meal was quite challenging. There’s plenty of opportunity to get creative with your dinners however, and I did slowly introduce lentils and beans into my soups towards the end of the cleanse. I think that once you get over the idea of having a liquid meal, you’ll soon begin to reap the benefits of waking up noticeably less bloated and feeling full of energy in the mornings. Speaking for myself, I’m a culprit of indulging in larger evening meals, occasionally waking up with stomach cramps and often feeling lethargic and heavy as my alarm (often snoozed) persistently goes off beneath my pillow.

ingredients for carrot soup on a table

Not only is the programme kitted out with heaps of helpful hints and food guidelines, but it also comes with an optional dietary supplement list. I decided that if I was going to see the entire cleanse through, I may as well go all out and immerse myself fully in the experience. Ordering a couple of supplements from the iHerb list, I not only followed the eating plan religiously (despite the numerous cake deliveries and office happy hours) but began to incorporate digestive enzymes, probiotics and fish oil among others into my morning routine. And paired with a good mug of metabolism-boosting hot lemon water and cayenne pepper, I began to wake up each morning with a spring in my step and ready to face the day.

Prior to starting the journey I took several (unflattering!) selfies of both my skin and body, and half way through, started to compare myself to those pictures. My skin was noticeably brighter and after reluctantly stepping on the scales, I was delighted to see that they had shifted in the right direction. My cravings began to subside and thoughts of indulging in rich foods became somewhat… irrelevant.

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a girl making a salad

It’s so easy to keep saying that you’ll ‘start eating healthily again from Monday’ but after nearly three years living back in the 852, and that sentence turning into somewhat of a mantra, I needed a reset. And having been provided with the tools from The RASA Cleanse, I’m starting to live a little healthier and actually taking a good look at what I put into the body each day. I’ve put down the food delivery app and am continuing to lead a healthier lifestyle. That’s not to say that I haven’t since gone to town on the odd dessert or been to a brunch or two (all in moderation, right?!) but I feel equipped with the knowledge to make better choices and know that when life gets a little hectic (and it most certainly does in Hong Kong), that I can use tips from the cleanse and get back on track whenever I need to, soup for dinner and all.

So, what’s included?

•     Daily emails with recipes and tips to take your cleanse deeper
•     Tools to maintain healthy habits after your cleanse is complete
•     Tailored advice to help you achieve your goals and unlimited personal email support
•     Detailed shopping lists
•     Delicious cleanse-approved recipes

If you’re ready to reset or would like to know more about what’s involved, Mia’s programme costs $90 USD (get in touch here or sign up using the online form) or enter our giveaway below for the chance win your own 21-day cleanse! Don’t forget to follow her Instagram account for a little inspiration too! Happy cleansing!


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