5 April, 2016
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One Day Offline: A Day of Digital Detox

5 April, 2016

Disconnect from your phone and reconnect with yourself!


When was the last time you totally switched off from technology – for an entire day? I bet you can’t even recall a point where work emails, WhatsApp notifications and Facebook feeds were not refreshed at the strike of every hour. Hong Kong life is fun, frenetic and frantic and means that we have to be constantly contactable, always available and perpetually online. In a time where we appear to be more connected than ever, the reality is that most of us are too distracted by onscreen stresses and status updates to truly immerse ourselves in the moment. The digital dependency is real, folks.

Like most people, I am guilty of living life through a filter and reaching for my phone first thing in the morning, last thing at night and any chance I get in between. My name is Aoife and I am an Internet addict. Since the first step to recovery is admission, I jumped at the chance to challenge myself and participate in 1 Day Offline; a creative life coaching concept that promotes personal development and self-reflection by banning the use of all types of technology for one day. The idea is that when we are free from distraction, we can seize the opportunity to dedicate quality time to ourselves, think with clarity and try to be more present in our own lives.

Was I intimidated by the prospect of being bereft of my smart devices? Yep. Dreading the FOMO on my favourite Insta snaps? You betcha. Convinced that I couldn’t manage an entire day without the wisdom of Google? Definitely. However, after discussing the concept with Danielle – 1 Day Offline Director and Coach – I decided to dive into a digital detox and pack away my phone, laptop and tablet. Gulp.

one day offline hk

When my day of disconnect arrived, I was thoroughly impressed by the beautiful package from 1 Day Offline which was full of exciting assignments, colourful challenges and inspirational relaxation tools to fill the day with. Each mini-mission was thoughtfully prepared and perfectly packaged and I was genuinely looking forward to completing my selection. I won’t to spoil the surprise by revealing too many details about the contents, but rest assured that there is plenty to pass the time with and it is entirely up to the user which practices to engage in. The fluidity and flexibility of the programme mean that it can be an extremely personal experience and your own home can transform into a wellness retreat.

My personal day offline was totally positive and, surprisingly, rather than counting the moments until I could reunite with my phone; I found that the time went by really quickly. It was so refreshing to take a time-out – minus the obligations of appointments, deadlines or outstanding to-do lists – and focus on the bigger picture. By lunch time, I had poured my heart out onto paper and sat back to reflect on my aspirations to work smarter, become more mindful and strive to accomplish my goals with intention. One assignment led me on an outdoor adventure, with an inspiring outcome that I couldn’t have predicted, but one that I truly relished.

The day culminated in a one-on-one session with Danielle, where we examined the results of my experiment of self-discovery and solidified concrete and achievable milestones for my future. As I left, I felt lighter and determined to make a meaningful shift in my lifestyle. Beats another afternoon of scrolling and double-tapping, that’s for sure!

Going forward, I’m positive that the lessons I learned during my 1 Day Offline are going to stay with me. I’m already marking in afternoons of “me-time” and date days that don’t involve staring at a screen. With summer (a.k.a. Junk Season!) fast approaching, there has never been a better time to reboot, recharge and reconnect with this crazy, beautiful city.


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