8 March, 2016
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5 Ways to Feel Good

8 March, 2016

It’s all about that positivity!


We were all well-intentioned when setting those resolutions in January. Now it’s March, and as much as we’re still trying to be stronger and better versions of ourselves, sometimes the realities of the daily grind can distract us from our pursuit of happiness. Hey, tranquillity is tough on a rush hour MTR!

Luckily, making minor modifications to your routine can help the path to perkiness run smoother and preserve a positive psyche. I’ve put together some tried and tested ways to becoming a more blissful being who doesn’t sweat the small stuff and knows that there is nothing sexier than a smile.

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1. Adjust Your Attitude

Starting each day with an attitude of gratitude will remind you of the abundance of things you have to be thankful for. Even if you can’t praise the Gods of Fashion for a brand new pair of Choos; recalling that run on the Morning Trail or reminiscing about a kind word from a friend or colleague will instantly brighten your mood. Try doing this mentally during your commute and not only will you be surprised at how much there is to be pleased about, you will also start to train your brain to focus on the fabulous. Keeping a Happiness Jar or Joy Journal is a wonderful way to count your blessings daily and will serve as motivation for future down days. So girls, let’s give the bad vibes the brush-off and chime the sacred mantra with me: #blessednotstressed.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

Most of us can always make space to meet a deadline or spend quality time with our pals and partners, but we often neglect ourselves in the process. Setting aside some weekly “me-time” is crucial to looking and feeling your best so you can radiate joy from the inside out. Now, none of us are going to turn down a trip to the Four Seasons Spa, but pamper time doesn’t have to break the bank. Create your own signature treatment at home and wind down with your favourite TV show and a face mask. Pop out to the local wet market and decorate your bedroom with beautiful blooms or indulge in the scent of your favourite candle. Whether your fix is a cold pressed juice or a generous glass of red, make sure to stock your shelves with nutritious delights and treats of choice – it’s all about balance. Sit back solo, give yourself a well-deserved break and when in doubt remember: tea fixes everything.

Stay tuned for our review of Cha Dao or Tea Meditation coming soon for some inspiration!


3. You Are the Company You Keep

The older I get, the more I realise that it really is all about quality and not quantity when it comes to relationships. Surrounding yourself with supportive, encouraging and well-intentioned people is vital to creating and maintaining a life full of love and light. The people you choose to spend your time with are just as important to your health as fitness and nutrition. Sure, we all have days when we snap at those closest to us or unleash the PMS monster once a month (sorry, Hubs!) – that’s totally normal. However, if you find that a relationship or friendship has become emotionally toxic, perhaps it’s time to distance yourself from the constant flow of negative energy. There is nothing more draining than hanging out with people who immerse themselves in failure and resentment. Although it’s sad to let someone go from your life, the good news is that you will be able to centre on those who lift you up, rather than drag you down. Here’s to serious #squadgoals in 2016!

4. Work It Out

Sometimes the only way to beat the blues is to grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and scroll through Netflix in your onesie. But in the long term, doing regular exercise will help to keep everything from your hair to your heart happy. We all know about the physical benefits of staying active but we often forget that it is also a major impetus for mood elevation, clarity of thought and stress relief. You don’t have to devote half your pay cheque to a gym or take up aqua spinning (who else is terrified?), but taking 20-30 minutes every day to move will make all the difference to your shape, skin and spirit. Getting a group of girlfriends together for a jog along Bowen Road or a hike up The Peak is worth it just for the views and post-workout vino!

5. This Too Shall Pass

Remembering that a mood swing or a lonely lull is just a temporary emotion will keep things in perspective and stop you from spiralling. Sometimes, acknowledging and accepting a flat day, is the healthiest way to move forward. During times like this, it’s totally cool to hit snooze and reset on yourself; get your favourite comforts and companions together and take some time to heal. The key is not allowing yourself to wallow in the gloom for too long and – as soon as you are able to – starting a new day with a refreshed outlook, striving to make it a better one. Feeling down in the dumps is no one’s idea of fun but we often learn great life lessons from going through tough times. It’s true what they say, “smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors”, so make like Taylor, shake it off and keep on moving.

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