The Best Destinations For a Mother-Daughter Getaway

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Beach it with Mum: French Polynesia

Chances are, it’s your’s and Mum’s first time ever visiting one of these majestic islands of the South Pacific — Bora Bora, Tahiti, Mo’orea, etc. They’re not the easiest to get to, but once you do arrive prepare for Mum to be swoon. Truly the definition of “paradise”, French Polynesia is almost too dreamy of a destination to believe. Given the laid-back culture these islands possess it’s the perfect place to take things slow and simple. And well, that’s more than okay! Relax with some cocktails on the beach whilst trying to wrap both of your heads around that otherworldly, turquoise water and mossy mountainous peaks in the distance. This one is on just about everyone’s destination bucket-list.

Where: Airports vary depending on which island you choose to visit. Bora Bora tends to be the easiest to access with the best resorts as well as WWII historical sites.
Cost: Prices vary depending on how luxurious and adventurous you’d like to make the trip.
Best time of year to go: November or April is when you’ll get Bora Bora’s best temperatures and see the least amount of tourists on the island.
Tip: We highly recommend the snorkeling tour by Reef Discovery.

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Adventure with Mum: Iceland

Exploring the natural beauty of Iceland is without question a necessary travel “to-do”, and via camper van is the best way to do it. If Mum loves all things adventurous and off-the-grid, what this Scandinavian country offers is a can’t-miss experience. Hop on Iceland’s iconic Ring Road, which circumnavigates the entire island and provides camping sites along the way near the country’s top attractions. If it gets to be a little rough and rugged, no problem. Treat yourselves to a well deserved rest day in one of Iceland’s many hot springs. We recommend the Blue Lagoon!

Where: That tiny island in the North Pacific that you see pictures of all over Instagram. Fly into Keflavík International Airport.
Cost: Happy Campers vans start at 125 Euros per day during the low season.
Best time of year to go: Though it may be chilly, we recommend the low season to save a bit of cash and to see the Northern Lights, which can typically be spotted between September and October.
Tip: Iceland is notorious for spotty Wi-Fi. Be sure to bring a physical map when you’re out cruising through the mountains with Mum so you don’t get lost.

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City slick with Mum: Barcelona

Ah, Barcelona. How everyone loves you so! And really, what’s not to like? Take Mum cycling through the touristy neighbourhoods of El Born or Gothic Quarter, shop the streets of La Rambla, or settle into a taverna for endless tapas, Spanish wine, and good chat. In Barcelona, Mum will get a taste of the good life, literally. Food is the heart and soul of Spanish culture, so be sure to sign up for a Spanish cooking class together and bring everything you learn into the kitchen together back home. Trust us when we say, Barcelona is a beautiful and enthralling as you and your mum imagined it to be.

Where: Fly into Barcelona–El Prat Airport.
Cost: Cooking classes with Barcelona Cooking begin at 65 Euros.
Best time of year to go: June through August is when Barcelona is at its most vibrant.
Tip: Barcelona has an extremely high pickpocketing rate. Be sure you keep your purses zipped up while shopping!

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Spa time with Mum: Costa Rica

Treat Mum to a little r&r in beautiful Costa Rica! The ideal spot for luxurious spa treatments, yoga retreats, and natural healing mineral waters, food and plants. The best part? You can soak in all the lush vibes while overlooking the breath-taking volcanic backdrops that are around every corner in Pura Vida. Just a quick and cheap flight away from the U.S., Costa Rica really is a favorite escape amongst the wellness savvy ladies. If Mum is a workaholic who deserves some TLC, this tropical paradise delivers.

Where: Fly into Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport and check out Tabacon Thermal Resort, which is renown for it’s mother and daughter spa getaways.
Cost: Prices vary depending on packages and resorts
Best time of year to go: Mid-December to April is Costa Rica’s dry season.
Tip: The U.S. dollar is widely accepted throughout Costa Rica. No need to worry about money exchanges if you’re coming from the states!

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Give Back with Mum: China, Japan or Southeast Asia

If mum is an animal lover, The Dragon Trip’s Panda Volunteering Tour is the perfect authentic and insightful wildlife conservation experience. And though most think that pandas can only be found in China, the company also provides tours in Japan and Southeast Asia as well. You and mum will have the opportunity to prepare food, clean and care for the animals as well as opportunities to explore the country you choose as well. Check out their website here.

Where: China, Japan or Southeast Asia. Airports vary depending on which destination you choose.
Cost: Prices to volunteer with Dragon Trip start at $1,500USD which includes guided services, accommodation, transportation and activities.
Best time of year to go: Anytime during the spring is ideal for Asia.
Tip: If you decide to head to Japan for this experience, be sure to see the infamous cherry blossoms that arrive in the spring. You will fall in love!

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