8 January, 2013
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Top Five Up-And-Coming Wedding Photographers in Hong Kong

8 January, 2013

Photo by Jada Poon Photography

One of the most important things that all couples worry about when planning their wedding is the photography. It’s the one tangible thing that you can hold onto and look back on to take you down memory lane, so it’s no surprise that couples spend endless hours going through portfolios to find that one perfect person to capture all the moments of their special day. I, and many other couples nowadays too, love photography that is taken in the most natural and unobtrusive of ways – you know, the ones without the cheesy poses! Engagement and wedding photography is not exactly the cheapest item on the list of wedding must-haves, so why not spend that money on photos that really capture the day naturally as it unfolds?  No one wants photos that will make you cringe in 10 years time!

Unfortunately in Hong Kong, it can be difficult to find these gems amongst the large pool of wedding photographers out there… but don’t worry because I’ve dived right in for you and come up with some talent that should not be overlooked! Here are my top five up-and-coming wedding photographers who are taking Hong Kong by storm with their friendly personas and natural photography styles. There’ll be no cringing with their work!

Jada Poon Photography

Jada Poon Photography’s style is very natural and relaxed, capturing those spontaneous and candid moments along with the finer details of your day. There is a kind of sweet softness in Jada’s images that just make you want to see more – if not only to see how each couples’ story unfolds, but because the images are really that beautiful. Jada has this amazing ability to capture unique and individual images for couples through her digital and film photography – whether it is breathtaking locations or intimate moments, the soft and candid style of her photography ensures your engagement or wedding remains a memory that is as vivid as the day itself. Jada is available for engagements, weddings, maternity shoots and other photo sessions locally and overseas.

Photo by Darren LaBeuf Photography

Darren LaBeuf Photography
info@darrenlebeuf.com, 6626 6927

Darren LeBeuf Photography’s approach is fresh, fun and relaxed one; Darren does wonders with making his couples feel comfortable in front of the camera to ensure that the photographs truly reflect the couple, their personalities and their love. Darren’s photographs are natural, real and personal and you will see no posing here! He will only capture all the funny, heartfelt, amazing moments that unfold, in the most unobtrusive of ways. Have a look through the beautiful image gallery on Darren’s website and see for yourself. Darren is available for destination weddings and photo sessions, often making regular trips to Western Canada for those of you who might fancy the idea of a shoot overseas.

Photo by Henry F Photography

Henry F Photography

Henry F Photography mixes fresh and vibrant styling with a touch of vintage charm, making his photographs completely unique to the Hong Kong wedding scene. Not only is his vintage style appealing, but his honest and down-to-earth approach also creates outstanding and timeless images that ensure you’ll be left with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Henry is available for engagements, weddings and other photo sessions locally or overseas. Take a look at his portfolio and fall in love with his unique style.

Photo by Hilary Chan Photography

Hilary Chan Photography
chnhilary@gmail.com, 6439 1577

Inspired by her love for the classic style of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, Hilary of Hilary Chan Photography’s images emanate a kind of feminine romance that you only expect to see in the movies. Her style of photography is a sensual one that also touches on couple’s playfulness, making her images stand out from the crowd. Hilary is available for engagements, weddings and other photo sessions; she frequently travels to Paris with her couples so if you’re wanting to head to the city of love for some happy snaps, look Hilary up.

Photo by Isa Photography

Isa Photography

Isa of Isa Photography’s approach is unobtrusive with a candid and natural style. She captures more than just an image – seeing the smallest of details, the biggest of smiles, and all the happiness, laughter, emotions and love in-between. With her friendly and genuine approach to photography, Isa makes the effort to get to know her couples to ensure that each couples’ personalities are truly reflected in every photo captured. Her chic, creative and fresh style will have you organising more photo opportunities just to have her there to capture every frame! Isa’s beautiful use of natural light and film photography really set her apart; she is available for engagements, weddings, maternities and other photo sessions locally and overseas.

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