The Secret Is Out: Chic Infinity

One of our favourite Chic Boutique vendors was Chic Infinity, and not just because she has the word “Chic” in her brand name! Virginia’s pieces are delicate, dainty and fashion-forward – I think they all have a little dark side to them that makes them perfect with this season’s black and edgy styles. Pearls are a big feature of many of Chic Infinity‘s designs, whether coloured or swathed in white or black tube netting, so you can channel a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.

I am having a bit of a ring “moment” these days (as I imagine Rachel Zoe would say), so the brass filigree cocktail ring above, which is one of a series, is my current item of lust. Statement rings are such an easy way to look more polished – you can find bolder versions at Chic Infinity’s Etsy store.

You can also find the cutest little lego piece cufflinks that would make great fun gifts as Chic Infinity’s sister (or should I say brother) store, Quirky Infinity.
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