The Cold Shoulder

It has taken us a while to warm up to the big shoulder trend – I think for me, memories of family photos of my mum and my aunt rocking the style with frosted hair in the eighties were enough to make me shudder at the thought of a revival! Then I read an article which showed how to see the trend as having more of a 1940s influence, and as I LOVE vintage, that turned the whole thing around for me. Adding to this new slant, is the plus that wider shoulders make little nipped in waists look tinier, and hips look smaller. A winner all round!

You also don’t have to necessarily wear garments with shoulder pads to buy into the trend. As these images from Michael Kors show, by adding shoulder embellishments, a puffy sleeve, or even by exposing your shoulders in an cutaway dress, you’re still drawing attention to fashion’s new erogenous zone.

A belt is an absolute must to draw attention to your new hour-glass silhouette, and as this is the ultimate lady-like look, the highest heels should be worn so that you look tall and curvy, rather than squat and stocky!

Hurray for Michael Kors to make the big shoulder trend wearable! I just love him on Project Runway, and now I love his designs too.
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