Bird by Juicy Couture

Last week we popped by Juicy Couture to check out their new Bird line, which is according to Juicy a “…Different take on the juicy girl. She is more like your well-travelled sister with the impeccably tailored wardrobe”. There were perhaps around 15 sample pieces which we were invited to view, all arranged at the front of the store surrounded by a flock of black taxidermy crows. Some of the pieces really stood out, like the cute furry bolero above with sequin straps which was one of our favourites, a grey silk jumpsuit and a sequined racer-back vest, but the rest of the collection was a bit of a blur of various black separates.

We were pretty surprised when we looked at some of the prices too, like the sequined vest which was USD$400, or a pair of leather leggings for almost USD$900… Can’t help but wonder if the average Juicy shopper would be prepared to pony up that kind of cash? Or if they’re hoping to attract shoppers who would generally be shopping other designer labels elsewhere? If the latter then I certainly think it’s a carefully edited offering, but the contrast between the small selection of dark, cool edgy looks and the huge variety of candy-coloured delights of the Juicy main line may just be too big to attract a different customer into the store.

The Bird Collection is now on sale at the ifc Mall branch of Juicy Couture. Take a look and let us know what you think!
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