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Sassy Sundays: Bollywood Dance

Back in July Sassy went Belly Dancing at Oasis Dance Centre. We had such a fabulous time reaching our Inner – Goddesses by learning sultry moves like hip bumps and snake arms. This totally inspired us to venture out and try more classes. Next up for Sassy—Bollywood Dance at Pure!

If you’re looking to escape the stresses of reality and enter the glamorous dream world of Bollywood, then Bollywood Dance is the class for you!

Bollywood is located in the center of India: Mumbai. This Mumbai Film Industry is actually the largest in the world….producing nearly double the amount of movies and selling a billion more tickets each year than Hollywood! Most movies are typically romantic comedy musicals, where the girl always gets her guy!

Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dances around! The style is a a fusion of Bhangra Dancing, East Indian Classical with the added spice of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Salsa. Wow! Hopefully the hip shaking, hand twirling moves we’ll learn at Bollywood Dance will leave us looking like Indian Goddesses!

Join us this Sunday at Pure for a special Sassy Girls Only Bollywood Dance Class where we’ll burn those calories and learn to dance like the top stars of India (or at least try)! Check out all the details on our main-site.

Oh, and after our class we will be heading to Red SoHo for a Champagne Brunch!
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