30 March, 2012

The 15/30 Project – the ultimate capsule wardrobe

30 March, 2012

Ok… so I am doing it! I am doing the 15/30 Challenge. Basically, you pick out your fifteen favourite and most versatile pieces from your wardrobe to create a “Capsule Wardrobe”, then you wear only that for one month. Yes, ONE MONTH!  Oh- and you can’t shop either!

The idea is that we, as a society, dispose of things too quickly. We shop, get a rush, wear it a few times, bury it in the back of the closet, forget it, and then trash it. The 15/30 Project aims to develop your personal style and causes you to really wear your clothing and appreciate it, changing your fast-fashion mindset. Hopefully, it will also make me more conscious of what I am buying in the future.

So here it is… my uniform for the next month… (top to bottom, left to right)

  1. Jeans (Express)
  2. Sheer Blue Print Blouse (Fab’rik)
  3. Denim Shirt (Zara)
  4. White Silk Shirt (Zara)
  5. Green Print Shorts (Fab’rik)
  6. Yellow Pants (Zara)
  7. Floral Blouse (Fab’rik)
  8. Black Ruched Skirt (Zara)
  9. Camel Cardigan (Zara)
  10. White Blazer (BCBG)
  11. Black Pants (no name- I’ve had them since 2004!)
  12. Snake Print Shirt (Zara)
  13. Black White Stripe Shirt (Vintage)
  14. Black Peplum Dress (BCBG)
  15. Black Tank Top (Zara)

The good news is that shoes and accessories don’t count and you can DIY your existing fifteen pieces, changing them up in new and interesting ways. I LOVE to accessorize, so this will really force me to be creative on how to mix and match and make the old new again.

I am quite curious about what the real challenge will be here. Will I get bored with these few items? Will I miss all my bright colors? Can I really not shop for one month? Because it is a transitional time in the year, winter to spring, gray to sun, wet to (…well…does that ever really change?!?!), I am interested to see if I can really make these pieces work for the entire month.

This is usually the time when my sheers and florals and vast array of vintage skirts and dresses come out of hiding. Will I miss them over the next 30 days? How can I incorporate more color and patterns into my look? Right now, I am thinking loud nails and bright lip colors may be in order. I also have a feeling that I will also fully utilize my vintage scarf collection!


  • I won’t be shopping! <insert joyous cheers from husband here>
  • I will be able to be more inventive with how I style these pieces, giving me more range from what I already own.
  • The use of accessories is unlimited, so I can really get into my cupboard and utilize all of my sparkly gems to doll up my outfits!
  • DIY’ing is allowed. I have never been much of a DIY person. The most I have really ever done is change out buttons and make dresses shorter (flaunt it while you got it?!?!) This could get me to actually do a little DIY. I have some studs that I have wanted to put to good use for a while and might just have the chance now!
  • This is a biggie – I will try to learn more about what repercussions fast fashion has on our society and our environment. Hopefully, this will change the way I shop in the future and I will become more mindful about my purchases. You can learn more too by checking out Redress.

Overall, I am excited and, to be honest, a little anxious about it. I pride myself on wearing everything I own. If it is in the closet in HK, then I wear it! This just seems so limiting but I am up for the challenge!

Check back for photos and wardrobe revelations soon! You can also follow my progress and see my daily outfits on Pinterest here.

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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