26 October, 2011


26 October, 2011

                                                                      Photo courtesy of Tangram

Even though it is October, it still feels like summer outside. You may be growing tired of your wardrobe… wondering how to give it a little pick-me-up to transition you through these last few warm-weather months. Tangram is here to breathe new air into your armoire!  Tangram is a refreshing line founded by fashion designer Paola Sinisterra and architect and graphic designer Ignacio Garcia. Originally from Columbia, Paola made a few-year stop in Barcelona before relocating to Hong Kong. We can all be thankful that life led her here where we can now find comfort in the Tangram collection.

When I look at the collection,  I begin to smile. The sumptuous raspberry shade immediately elevates your mood, while the silken grays and creamy blush pink shades remind that you can still be a chic city-dweller. The pieces are all about comfort and the fits are loose and forgiving.  Little cutout notches on the sleeves and in the back allow for movement and add a bit of character. There are surplus soft, silky tops and a few shorts-rompers that would be great for both day to day errands and the evening dinner date. I see these pieces creeping into your suitcase, as you can wear them in any city. Not only will the pieces mix and match on a whim, but they will blend seamlessly into any major metropolitan city leaving you looking like a sophisticated local.  Just don’t speak or your true identity will be revealed!

The jewelry was an additional treat – and I use the word “treat” intentionally. The big baubles harken like gumballs dangling on a bright ribbon – adding a wonderfully childlike whimsy to the collection.  Sections of scrunched silk give way to oversize candy-colored orbs, tiered in quirky layered rows. Looking at home over a solid neutral top or a wildly printed dress, these ornaments become the perfect gift choice for a friend or relative who loves having that unique, attention-grabbing piece.

The real standout for me was the pink and orange floral pattern that adorned several of the dresses. Florals were all over the Spring/Summer 2012 runways and the Tangram garments are an easy, uncomplicated way to incorporate the trend – ensuring that you always get it right. Even the designer herself was wearing this print and I must say that she simply glowed! It could have been the excitement of showcasing her hard work to the public, but I prefer to think that it was the magic of the Tangram collection itself.

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Photo credits: Top photo is courtesy of Tagram. All other photos are by Sabrina Sikora Photography.


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