25 October, 2011

Theyskens’ Theory: Special Lane Crawford Event

25 October, 2011

Olivier Theyskens with the DJ from the event

It isn’t every day that you get to meet a notable designer at a fashion filled affair. Well, this is Hong Kong… so maybe it is! Well, while I am not that lucky to get to mingle with celebs day in and day out, I did happen to score an invite to the very chic Theyskens’ Theory event at Lane Crawford on Canton Road is TST.

Some of the paps from the event – craziness!

Gorgeous girlies – help us out with names if you know them!

I have always been a fan of Theory and the unbelievably chic pieces on offer season after season. Theory is the clothing that we want to wear to look cool but don’t want to think about what to wear to look cool. Get it?!? You just put it on and poof…. you are nonchalantly awesome! Olivier Theyskens is the designer behind the brand and you have to love a man who at the tender age of seven declared he wanted to “do haute couture”.  In 1997, Andrew Rosen founded the brand looking to bring luxurious comfort to the marketplace. For the Spring 2011 collection, Andrew brought Olivier on as the artistic director we are certainly thankful for this union!Hilary Tsui

Olivier’s collection is a thing of simplistic beauty. The pieces are comfortable and easy to wear yet you still feel like you have a piece of art enveloping you. The wide leg pants are divine and can be worn by both the no-frills female and the over-embellished diva. It all depends on the styling. I loved the cable knit sweaters!

As soon as I saw them I wanted to throw one on and grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by a fire. All I need is some cooler weather… and cocoa…. and a fireplace. Hey! A girl can dream!

TANGRAM’s Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garcia

Well, cool weather or not, the Theysken’s Theory collection deserves a gander. After all, Olivier was named the Best International Designer by the CFDA in 2006 and that’s no small feat! Star Ferry yourself over to the Canton Road Lane Crawford store and scoop up the casual elegance of this über-cool collection which is represented by a pop-up shop. You can also pick up Theysken’s Theory online on the Lane Crawford LAB website.

Lane Crawford, 3 Canton Rd, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2118 3428

All photos by the fabulous and talented Sabrina Sikora

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