2 May, 2014

Stylecab: Power Wardrobe! Professional stylists edit your closet…

2 May, 2014

If you are anything like me, then shopping is about as habitual as, say, breathing. Particularly here in Hong Kong where even a quick trip to 7-eleven will see you return with a floral top that you promise yourself you’ll DIY into a crop when you have time, or yet another pair of slip-ons that will be entirely necessary once you’ve worn your other 24 pairs to death. Essentially, retail opportunities are many, but, let’s face it, wardrobe space is limited. Few of us live the dream of a walk-in wardrobe and instead are forced to make do with stuffing our plentiful purchases into cramped, overflowing IKEA storage solutions.

This is where Stylecab step in. They offer a wide range of style services, including personal stylists, style consultations and personal shopping sessions. They’re also the guardian angels of a refreshingly streamlined wardrobe and in their capable hands, your overwhelming mass of clothes will cease to intimidate you every morning when you’re trying to decide what to wear.


Now, I have to admit… I was a little apprehensive about this to begin with. I mean, my clothes! Even those that have never been taken off the hanger, even those that I have carted halfway round the world with me and still never worn, even those that I don’t particularly like myself – I just wasn’t sure I wanted someone coming in and telling me that I should get rid of them. But I needn’t have worried.


I had filled out a client profile form before Charlotte, the Director, came round, so she was well versed in my tastes and what I wanted to get from the Power Wardrobe review. Before I could utter a word of protestation, Charlotte was pulling things out of my wardrobe (some I had even forgotten I owned) and we were chatting away about trends and the fine line that separates androgyny from being too masculine. Soon there were three distinct piles of clothes building up; one to work with, one for tailoring, and one for recycling, surprisingly made up solely of items that I had suggested.


Next came the fun part. With half of my wardrobe sprawled out across my bed, Charlotte began working her magic and pairing items that I had honestly never thought to put together. Sports luxe looks and super smart work options were coming together. I tried them on, I loved them. It was like shopping only without the exchange of money!


Of course, there’s more to an outfit than just the clothes. Accessories were vetted and looks accessorised and, just like that, I had my very own capsule wardrobe, carefully curated and complete with excellently edited outfits.


What’s great about the Power Wardrobe review is that it puts the fun into the dreaded but much-needed wardrobe clear out. Charlotte is warm, makes you feel instantly comfortable and totally knows what she’s talking about, and her enthusiasm and expertise make it a thoroughly enjoyable hour and a half. The Stylecab service doesn’t end there; they will recommend tailors to visit for any alterations and, better yet, you’ll get your very own personal shopping list featuring a selection of items missing from your collection, giving you the perfect excuse to hit the shops. Again. Give it six months and you know who you’ll be calling.


All photos in the article above were taken by the hugely talented Martice Milton of Martice Milton Photography – get in touch with her at [email protected].

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