26 July, 2012

Shopbop.com = shoppers’ paradise!

26 July, 2012

The Shopbop team recently came to town to show us Hong Kongers all that is new and crave-worthy for Summer 2012. They treated us to a fantastic runway show, mini burgers and free-flow champers… How did they know that after a few glasses of bubbly I just love to browse may favorite fashion brands online?!

Thanks to my friend and former That Girl Jennifer Cheung, I have known about the wonders of Shopbop for years… and if you weren’t already aware of it, let me share this amazing site with you now! And if you do already know about it, now’s the perfect time to peruse Shopbop’s take on the hottest summer trends with the help of a few fab photos.

Shopbop.com has been around since 2000 and is currently home to more than 400 international designers – can you say shoppers’ paradise?! My favourite feature is that you can “heart” your most wanted items so that you can come straight back to them later to see if they have gone on sale. As you can see, I’m currently hearting a lot of jewellery… what’s new?!

You can also set up a profile where you can house all your fave designers… so no more browsing through page after page of things that aren’t your cup of tea, as with “My Designers” you can see what you like as soon as you sign in!

One genius idea that Shopbop developed was the Workwear Boutique. With just a few clicks, you can view loads of appropriate workwear pieces and see new ways of coordinating them! They also have a great one-stop Summer Shop for you to pick up everything you’ll need for this season, plus a Basic Essentials Boutique, Wedding Boutique, and a Lookbooks section where you can see items paired together in all sorts of cool outfits to give you tons of inspiration for what to do with your purchases once they arrive.

And speaking of your purchases arriving…. Shopbop offers free shipping if your order is over US$100! With so many items “hearted”, it is very easy to get this total (sorry wallet!). I recently ordered a bracelet and it came perfectly packaged and managed to get to my front door in less than a week.

Not sure where to start? Shopbop showed us the hottest trends for summer including florals, bright colours (including my current fave yellow – see my article on that trend here), whites and some sporty shapes. You can find all of these, plus many more takes on all these trends on the website, so check out these pics of the models to see if any items grab you. Honestly, it may have been a fireworks show for all the “oooh’s” and “ahhhhh’s” coming from the crowd! As soon as I got home, I logged on Shopbop and started “hearting” things… and maybe you’ll do the same after reading this!

Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do! Happy shopping!


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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