27 July, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature collection – cosmetics by celestial intervention

27 July, 2012

Dear MAC,

Please stop making mineralized everything!

Many thanks,

Rach’s bank balance.

MAC’s Mineralized products are my Kryptonite… they look like gorgeous mini galaxies in a pot and I just can’t enough of them! So my wallet was really not happy to see the release of MAC’s Heavenly Creature collection – a series of… you’ve guessed it… mineralized beauties desperate to do damage to my bank account. I mean… just look how awesome the promo picture for it is below!

In addition to looking seriously stunning on your dressing table, mineralized marbleised make-up generally has a softer texture, a more multi-dimensional colour thanks to the swirls of different shades and oodles of smooth intense shimmer. MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes ($255) are one of my favourite products of all time – a cross between a blusher, highlighter and bronzer, they manage to give your skin just the right amount of gorgeous glow every time. Heavenly Creature boasts four new shades and my pick of the bunch is Light Year, a soft peachy pink-gold that lights up your complexion in a flash (below centre, and which I’m wearing in the photo). Light Year is probably the best option for pale-skinned girls, whilst those of you with darker or tanned complexions should find plenty of mileage in the more bronze-y Earthshine or Centre Of The Universe. The MSFs (as they’re known to us diehard fans!) are hero products and so easy to use, so if you don’t already own one, these are a good place to start!

Unfortunately, the two eye shadows ($195) I tried from the collection were more disappointing. Invincible (above right) is a melange of light white, pale pink and gold – but is too light to bother with, and the glitter was gritty and prone to fallout. Sky (above left) looked awesome in the pan, a mix of cobalt, sky blue and green glitter, but fell surprisingly flat, sheer and matte once applied. I’m not easily deterred so zipped off to try some more in-store – Magnetic Attraction, sunset in an eye shadow, and Universal Appeal, an intriguing gold-plum mix, are much better bets and boast the unique multi-dimensional finish I love. Sassy tip: apply these wet for a more intense look!

The celestial theme means that even all the lipsticks ($140) have a starlit sparkle; for a less spangly look, you might want to consider the Cremesheen Glass glosses  ($175) instead. I tried Galaxy Rose, a very flattering mid-tone pink that I think will look great on all complexions. It’s smooth and comfy to wear, with no stickiness, and with a colour that lasts longer than most other glosses too. As you can see, it probably doesn’t look too hot paired with Sky though (I’ll claim I was channelling an 80s vibe)!

If you want to mineralize yourself all over without looking like that Bond girl in Goldfinger, MAC also has a range of mineralized skincare too. Jojo previously reviewed some of it here, but I’m most intrigued by the new and limited edition Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($340), which has a yummy smoky scent – good to know that volcanic eruptions aren’t all bad!

Apologies if this article turns any of you in mineralized addicts too!

MAC’s Heavenly Creature collection is limited edition and available at all MAC counters now. See all MAC locations in Hong Kong here.

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