17 October, 2011
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Sassy Scoop: Introducing the Beat that Bulge Battle!

17 October, 2011

With far too many delicious-looking food blogs to look at and new restaurants opening every other weekend, a state of overindulgence can sometimes seem the norm in Hong Kong! However, if the results of enjoying a food festival every fortnight is taking its toll on your waistband, a few trips to HYPOXI may be in order – and what better way to spur on some weight loss than with a little friendly competition?!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with their innovative system for circumfrence loss, HYPOXI uses a series of light training sessions on special exercise machines to target problem areas, burn off fat and effectively shed a few pounds. There’s a treadmill-like machine for targeting muffin-tops, whilst bums, hips and thighs are taken care of with their special exercise bikes – and the good news is, it’s so gentle that you can even flick through a magazine or surf the web (HYPOXI even give you an iPad for your session!) whilst you exercise.

These are often used together with their Dermology machine, a unique sort of mini-massage in a body-suit which is great for getting rid of cellulite, water retention and other toxins (if you want more details, you can check out our full review here).

However, we know how difficult it can be to actually make the move and get started exercising – and here’s where HYPOXI’s great new Beat That Bulge Battle comes in! By joining together with a group of friends, you can take advantage of special discount packages, saving 15% on training sessions for groups of 3-4 and 20% for groups of 5.

After that, you’re free to train whenever you want – you don’t need to come together so there’s no need to waste time syncing your hectic schedules, you can decide as a group exactly how long you want to sign up for (one, two or three months) and Hypoxi has a range of packages certain to suit all your different needs.

The person who posts the best results by the end (you’re weighed and measured at the start so you can see exactly how much you’ve lost!) will win a non-HYPOXI related prize. So that’s less weight, slimmer thighs, a group discount and free prizes?! We’re sold already!

With that extra bit of competition to spur you on, plus some friendly camaraderie to keep you going on lazy days, the Beat That Bulge Battle sounds exactly the thing to kick-start our weight-loss regime into action!

Packages start from $6,888 (pre-discount), with an additional $1,888 for use of Dermology machine. Beat That Bulge Battle packages run from now until 31 December.

HYPOXI, 8/F, EuBank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, 2537 6637


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