27 August, 2010

Hypoxi – Luscious Legs without Lipo

27 August, 2010

Cellulite, we all have it and I am pretty sure we would all love to get rid of it. No matter how teeny tiny you may be or how much exercise you do those dimply areas are so hard to remove. Massive amounts of traditional exercise isn’t the winning ticket to getting your “cottage cheese” to go away and while there is no magical cure there is definitely now a solution for us in Hong Kong.

Hypoxi, which just opened in July, is an innovative way to target those problem areas that are prone to cellulite and fat build up like our hips, thighs, butt and stomach.  While this unique way of targeting fat may be new to us it has been around for some time now and is extremely popular and successful in Europe and Australia. There are over 2,000 studios across 40 countries and the Hong Kong location is the first of its kind in the Asia region. Celebrities like Madonna and Cheryl Cole have used it and it has also known to be a lifesaver in shedding post-pregnancy pounds.

The whole theory behind Hypoxi is that the body requires good circulation to burn fat and the areas of our body that generally do not have good blood flow is our lower body area. When you go to a Hypoxi session they focus on doing light, effective exercise to stimulate the flow of fatty acids to your muscles and the special Hypoxi machines provides pressure and compression which aids in accelerating the blood flow to the areas with low circulation which then results in fat burn.

Results typically start in 2 weeks if you do the recommended 3 times a week sessions for 30 minutes each. There are a 3 exercise machines, two versions of an exercise bike (best for lower body training) and a treadmill (best for targeting your mid section), that you can do your Hypoxi training on and normally the one you start with on your first visit is the machine that you continue with throughout the program. I did a trial using one of exercise bikes and prior to the workout you put on this ring that locks you into the machine and provides a combination of high pressure and low pressure to target the lower body. You pedal at a moderate rate and Hypoxi is so high tech they even give you your very own iPad to browse the internet while you pedal away.

Hypoxi also has their Dermology machine that is usually used in combination with the exercise program and is the first thing you use when you arrive for your session. This is the machine that really helps with cellulite, water retention and toxins. You put on a full body suit and just relax for 20 minutes as high and low pressure is applied to the skin to strengthen, rejuvenate and firm skin tissue while maintaining elasticity. It is totally different then anything I have ever done before but it honestly felt like a mini massage and it make me chuckle in the beginning because of the suit – I felt very high tech!

So, Hypoxi is really so different then anything I have ever done before and I think seeing, testing it out and talking to Julia and Daniel, the owners of Hypoxi Hong Kong is the best way to get a feel of the overall program. They are very helpful in explaining everything about the benefits of Hypoxi and if you sign up for a program Julia will meet with you to measure you and chat about your personal results and goals. The FAQ section of their website is also really helpful to and it provides information on what to wear if you do go in for a free trial.

Sassy Deal: Hypoxi offers a free trial visit for all first timers so we highly recommend you schedule a visit to their studio to learn more. They are also offering Sassy members 15% off a package. Just mention you are from Sassy when you are making your purchase!

8/F, EuBank Plaza
9 Chiu Lung Street, Central
2537 6637
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