18 April, 2022
Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Lifestyle
Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Lifestyle
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The Best Nature Documentaries On Netflix To Watch Now

18 April, 2022
Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Lifestyle

From minuscule critters in rainforests to majestic beasts in the vast savannah and sea creatures deep in our ocean, these nature documentaries on Netflix get up close and personal with animals.

While we do get a taste of the wildlife here in our concrete jungle, be it monkeys on hiking trails or getting stung by jellyfish at remote beaches (it has happened to some!), there’s definitely so much more to sea. But it’s simply not possible for us to book a ticket and fly off to the Amazon rainforest (though we really wish we could!). These nature documentaries streaming on Netflix not only help us get a never-before-seen view on wildlife but also shed light on animal conservation, plastic pollution, illegal animal trading and more. Bookmark this page and come back as you tick off each show on this list…

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The Best Nature Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong A Life On Our Planet Lifestyle

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough has devoted his life to exploring every corner of the planet we call home. In more than 90 years, he has traversed every continent on the globe and explored the wildest of places whilst documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder. This feature documentary is in part a documentary on the knighted icon himself – with clips of young David Attenborough framed side by side with the current world we live in. It goes on to highlight the devastating impact climate change is having on our natural world and how we can help preserve our planet.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

Fantastic Fungi

Many of us prefer it on our pizza or in our pasta – mushrooms are a staple ingredient in many cuisines, but we may not stop and think about this simple addition to our omelet. Belonging to its own kingdom, there are about 14,000 kinds of mushrooms and over 1.5 million types of fungi! Be enthralled with the magical time-lapses and visually-striking colours whilst being educated on fungi’s medicinal uses and how this complex network of microorganisms help regenerate life on Earth.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Puff Lifestyle

Puff: Wonders of the Reef

A baby pufferfish is approximately the size of our fingernail and from the moment they’re out and about in the coral reef, they’re in constant danger. But here’s the catch, they’re one of the most poisonous fish and their bright striped pattern is a dead giveaway for predators. Follow the deceivingly adorable Puff as he navigates one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems and learns to hunt (proving danger comes bite-sized too). Shot in The Great Barrier Reef, the plethora of colours, the enigmatic creatures and the quality of the visuals makes this nature documentary almost look animated!

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

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Mission Blue

Follow the legendary marine biologist and oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle who devoted much of her life to conserving the ocean and saving marine life. The documentary is narrated by Sylvia herself which delivers her passion and love for the ocean and it further instigates her call to action. Sylvia’s clips show her extraordinary experiences communicating with sea animals and then goes on to explain how issues like over-fishing and plastic pollution are devastating the ocean’s marine life. But with problems, there come solutions – Sylvia is on a mission to create “underwater national parks” that will protect the natural systems that ultimately keep humans alive.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong My Octopus Teacher Lifestyle

My Octopus Teacher

Facing burnout from his career as a filmmaker shooting some of the planet’s most dangerous animals, Craig Foster puts a halt on his career and returns to his hometown, Cape Town. As a natural daredevil, he would go diving every day in the icy cold waters, without a wetsuit or a scuba rig (in one of the most predator dense places on Earth!), but then comes an unlikely friendship. Shot over eight years, “My Octopus Teacher” documents a unique friendship between a man and an octopus, bringing to screen animal-to-human interaction and animal intelligence like never seen before. Octopuses are one of the smartest sea animals, with rapid speed camouflage techniques (sorry chameleons!), human-like motherly instincts and are predators with precision.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

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Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong The Ivory Game Lifestyle

The Ivory Game

Ivory, also known as “white gold”, is seen as a prized possession – but this comes with a heavy price. African elephants are being slaughtered in record numbers and their population is quickly plummeting. To bring to light the corruption, brutality and sinister underbelly of ivory trade, award-winning directors Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson went undercover with a team of activists and intelligence operatives to crack down the global network of ivory trafficking and trading (mostly happening in China and Hong Kong). If governments don’t take action, elephants could be extinct in the near future. Be warned, this nature documentary contains graphic content which some viewers may find distressing.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

More Nature Documentary Series To Watch On Netflix

If you think you’ve seen it all, Netflix is always releasing new nature docuseries to binge! What we love about docuseries is that they’re divided into categories and give room for directors to explore each topic on a deeper level, giving the audience a more in-depth look into wildlife and natural wonders. Listed below are some of our favourites:

72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

Asia, being the largest continent, houses a number of deadly animals (some of which live unsettlingly close to human settlements). From venomous snakes to plague-bearing black rats and the poisonous lionfish, you’ll be on the edge of your seat watching this one!

Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Animal Lifestyle


With two seasons and eight episodes so far, Animal takes us into the worlds of sea animals, birds, bears, apes and big cats. While many of the wild animals are deemed as predators, this nature docuseries also shows how they work in unity amongst themselves, how family matters to them and how each creature makes use of its unique strength. 

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

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Night on Earth

Early to bed, early to rise – but not for some of the toughest nocturnal predators on Earth. From lions on the hunt to bats on the wing, these animals take advantage of the dark to find their prey. And well, some, like monkeys, come out to play and scavenge for food in the busy streets of bustling cities!

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Animal Lifestyle Our Great National Parks

Our Great National Parks

This five-part limited nature series narrated by Barack Obama deep dives into some of the world’s most spectacular national parks boasting untouched beauty. Prepare to be mesmerised by the stunning landscapes and enthralled by the chaos of the ecosystems as you travel from Japan to Chilean Patagonia, Indonesia, Kenya and more from the comfort of your couch!

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

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Nature Documentaries Netflix Hong Kong Our Planet Lifestyle

Our Planet

This nature docuseries features a total of eight fascinating episodes, each uncovering the complex worlds existing within different landscapes – from jungles, tundras, desserts and grasslands. The cinematography is out of this world and with Sir Attenborough’s narration, you’re sure to get hooked on the show.

Watch the nature documentary trailer here.

All images courtesy of Netflix.

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