30 January, 2013
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Midweek Minis January

30 January, 2013
There’s always so much great stuff going on in HK that it can be hard to keep track… so here’s some hump day inspiration with a batch of Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up with whatever’s been inspiring Team Sassy recently.

1. Now that I’m back to the sleepless nights that are part and parcel of having a little baby, coffee is VERY important to me. This place does the best latte I’ve had in Hong Kong, and is fab for grabbing a carb-y treat at the same time!

2. I’m excited to shop the J.Crew collection at Lane Crawford… Even more exciting, it’s only a little taster of the full range, which will be coming to Hong Kong in 2013. We’ll keep you posted when we learn the planned location. Yay!

3. After being pregnant for what seems like FOREVER, I’m excited to retox a little! I can’t wait to check out all these fab suggestions for bars that have opened up while I’ve been off the scene.

1. Now that the weather has taken a turn and I am no longer in a desperate search for air-con, I am looking for places to eat al fresco! These places are at the top of my list!

2. You can carry this Sassy trend right through to 2013 by layering gems on top of a coat or denim or leather shirt – yes please! Need some sparkle? Check out one of my fave brands here.

3. I couldn’t be more thrilled that this place has re-opened! My long locks are only manageable thanks to the 3.1 Japanese treatment they sell; the bottle is in Japanese, so look for the blue and white tube with the +1 on the front.



1. As a British girl through and through, I’m craving hearty wintery dishes and have a feeling that this restaurant will hit the spot.

2. This new workout had me finding muscles I never knew I had and experiencing a few aches and pains the next day… in a good way of course!

3. Now the weather is cool, crisp and has lost its humidity, I reckon the ultimate staycation spot has to be here.




1. I have got to get out of Central! First on my list is checking out these awesome hidden gem boutiques.

2. I’m an adult, really! I can vote, I can drink, I can sign contracts… I just can’t seem to keep track of where my money goes. Guess this is my call to action…

3. Another Sassy dream come true… Rach was lamenting the lack of one of her (and my!) fave UK beauty brands in Hong Kong here, and now it has actually arrived! Yay!



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