24 April, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension collection review – it’s out of this world!

24 April, 2012

With so many collections released every month, it can be hard to keep track of all of MAC’s new releases. However, this latest collection promises to boldly go where no make-up has gone before… into a whole other dimension, in fact!

MAC In Extra Dimension is a small but pretty perfect range of eye shadows and Skinfinishes that use a new ‘liquid-powder hybrid formula with prismatic reflections’ that promise to deliver ‘an extra dimension’ to your face. This vaguely sci-fi talk is matched with a list of space-inspired names and gleaming metallic products with “3D” wave-embossed surfaces that somehow remind me of the moon!

For some reason, I was expecting the Extra Dimension Eye Shadows ($195) to have a cream texture but in reality, they felt pretty much like any other powder eye shadow; possibly a little softer and more buttery than normal, which was nice but not really ‘the extra dimension’ I was hoping for! I tried three shades – Blue Orbit, a gorgeous glittering periwinkle; Young Venus, a powder-pink; and Rich Core, an unusual shade-shifting purple-burgundy-brown.

I had a really hard time getting these to photograph the right colour (I guess that extra dimension just can’t be caught on film!) but my favourite of the three was Blue Orbit. The Sassy girls are used to me coming into meetings sporting whatever new cosmetics I’m testing, so comments on however crazy/cool it is have long dried up… however, the verdict here was unanimous. The first thing both Maura and Jaime said when I walked into our regular morning meeting – ‘I love your eye shadow!’ Music to a make-up addict’s ears! I was initially worried it looked a little 80s, but it’s such a pretty soft blue-purple and injecting a little bit of fun into your look for summer. Eye-catching in a good way!

I unexpected loved Rich Core as well – it has a lot of depth to it and changes colour at different angles, a gorgeous shade for contouring or creating a smoky eye. Young Venus was less pigmented than the rest and the most ordinary colour of the three – a pleasant everyday colour and highlighter. In the above look, I’m wearing Young Venus blended into Rich Core at the outer edge, turning the latter into a softer plum colour.

Rather than being total glitter bombs, all the eye shadows have a more subtle metallic gleam to them and, with primer, last a good 6-8 hours (they fare less well without, averaging between 3-4 hours before fading). After testing these, I also snapped up Grand Galaxy, a gleaming dirty violet (more gorgeous than it sounds) and Modern Pewter, a totally amazing antique olive-gold.

However, the true stars of the collection are the Extra Dimension Skin Finishes ($255). These look like glowing slabs of metal and have a colour pay-off to die for. This time, the texture was definitely more the liquid-powder hybrid MAC described – a super-soft creamy silky formula that delivers a stunning shimmer in just one swipe. This texture also means they work a bit weirdly with brushes; instead, blend with your fingers for a more natural look.

I tried Superb, a peachy rose-gold, and fell in love; this is the medium shade of the three skinfinishes and is probably the most versatile for all skin tones. The great thing about these is they can be used anywhere – they work beautifully as a highlighter, making the light hit your face in amazing ways (apply to cheekbones, the arch of your brow and nose, and a little dab above the cupid’s bow of your lips), but can also be used as eye shadows, on the lips or just about anywhere else you fancy. [I’m wearing Superb in all the photos.]

I also picked up Whisper Of Gilt, a light champagne gold that would work well for fair complexions; the third colour is Glorify, a rich copper that’s a no-brainer for warmer skin tones (and would also look fab as an eye shadow). These would be AMAZING for summer and getting just the right-amount of a sun-kissed glow. Just try to keep the right side of shimmery and sculpted – you don’t want to go the whole CP30 with your look!

So how about adding an extra dimension to your make-up look this season? The results may just be out of this world!

The Extra Dimension Collection is available at all MAC counters now for a limited time only; see all MAC locations in Hong Kong here.

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