24 April, 2012

Steve Madden Spring Summer 2012 – peace, love, shoes!

24 April, 2012

Peace, love, shoes. That’s what Steve Madden says anyway and what a shoe fest we had before our eyes to love and lust over at the Steve Madden Spring/Summer 2012 Collection preview at Central/Central… but as for the peace bit, you might be fighting in the aisles over some of these beauties!

For me the overriding theme was height and this is what sticks in my mind. There were flats and plenty of them ranging from bang on-trend bright ballet pumps to bejewelled sandals, but the huge heels and platforms ran away with the show for me. So, if you’re in need of a bit of elevation this season (physically or mentally!), this collection is for you.

No mid-ground… 4 inches and up baby!

The heels were high but had good platforms at the front to cushion the blow. Courts, sandals, peep toes… Steve Madden gave us the whole shebang from pointy stiletto heels to chunkier ones.

And the wedges have it… or do they?

Not to be outdone by their stiletto sisters, there were wedges galore. Now is a wedge sexy? An avid high heel wearer friend of mine swears that men don’t find wedges sexy at all and that it always has to be a heel never a wedge. I’m not sure about this, but one thing is for sure – around the streets of Hong Kong you might be more stable in Steve’s wedges rather than some of the 5 inch pointers above… and there’s nothing sexy about face planting on Pottinger, is there?!

Last but not least…the flats

There were ballet pumps in every colour you can think of, but the patent ones ruled the roost for me; if it’s print you’re after, then leopard, snakeskin and Missoni zig zag stylee are up for grabs. If it’s sandals you want for when it really hots up, then there’s a fine selection from bling to plainer fabric and braided numbers. Needless to say, my faves are the bling ones!

Bag it before it moves!

From oversized totes to clutches and smaller numbers, I wasn’t disappointed. My favourite has to be the oversized animal print bag and the silver Missoni style clutch below.

But “Best in Show” goes to…

these studded numbers; ladies, walk and weep!

I’ll leave you with those beauties… worth wincing for, right?!

Steve Madden is available at Central/Central, 1/F Central Building, Central, Hong Kong, 2147 5838. See other Steve Madden locations in Hong Kong here.

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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