24 April, 2012
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Bring on the Beer – Beertopia Hong Kong!

24 April, 2012

We have to admit, we are a bit partial to wine here at Sassy but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy having a nice cold beer every now and then. This Saturday Beertopia comes to Hong Kong and we are a tiny bit excited to relive our university days (flip cup and beer pong here we come!) while getting a bit of an education on what exactly a craft beer is and why we need a bit more of it in Hong Kong.

Guest blogger Laurie (and founder of AmeriCraft Imports) tells us about her love for craft beers and why Beertopia is the place to be this weekend. 

I moved to Hong Kong last summer from Los Angeles.  I love food and drink, and I was excited on arrival to find an established food and wine culture here with many fantastic restaurant and bar options.  Still, I was more than a little disappointed to find virtually none of the local, unique beers that I enjoyed while living in the United States.

While I enjoy a glass of wine as much as the next girl, sometimes you just want a beer!  Nothing is better on a hot summer day or with a spicy meal or a burger.  And I’m not talking about the bland lagers you see in almost every bar in Hong Kong.  I am talking about beers with flavors as varied, rich, and complex as wine: hoppy IPAs, refreshing wheat beers with just a hint of citrus or spice, and chocolate porters and coffee stouts that are great with (or instead of) dessert.

“Craft beer” (which just means beer from small, independent producers) is incredibly popular in the U.S.  Bars devoted entirely to craft beer are common, many restaurants offer special beer pairings with their menus, and beer-related festivals and events often sell out.  Brewers from traditional beer-centric countries like England and Germany have even started coming to the U.S. to study how we are doing things.  So I wondered on getting here: Why has Hong Kong yet to catch on?

I started AmeriCraft Imports to bring the best American craft beer to Hong Kong.  I’d also like to get more ladies in Hong Kong interested in and knowledgeable about beer.  (Notably, Lost Coast Brewery, whose beers I am importing, was started by two women.)  To that end, I plan to host some fun beer tasting events just for the girls.

If you are interested in trying some new and exciting beers, check out the AmeriCraft booth at Beertopia Hong Kong on April 28, 2012 at the Western Market in Sheung Wan.  Beertopia Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s first real beer festival and will showcase over 90 beers from around the world.  Attendees will be able to sample beers, play beer games, enjoy live music, and even attend beer-related lectures.

All the details…
When: Saturday 28 April
Time: Noon-11pm
Where: Western Market, 2nd Floor, Sheung Wan
How much: $250-$300 (includes drink, token and tasting glass)
Tickets: Online (suggested) & On the day at the door (Limited Available)
More Information: Visit www.beertopiahk.com

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