20 February, 2012

Sassy Review: MAC for Daphne Guinness make-up collection

20 February, 2012

As soon as I saw the MAC for Daphne Guinness collection, I just knew we had to write about it on Sassy.

Not only is Guinness, like recent MAC collaborator Iris Apfel, another sure-fire Sassy girl (have you seen her wardrobe?!) but this range of make-up comprises of lots and lots of lovely pinks… and as you may have guessed from our pink-splashed website (and the fact that Maura wanted to buy her husband a bright pink boombox for Valentine’s Day!), we love a bit of pink here at Sassy!

Of course, the polish addict in me reached straight for the Endless Night nail lacquer ($115) to try first! This pale greyed-out pinky-beige isn’t a colour I’d naturally go for (as far as me and polish goes, the more whacked out the better), but I was quickly won over by this interesting take on nude.

Whilst not too noticeable in the photos (although you can see it in the bottle a little), Endless Night has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer that winks at you in real life, meaning it shifts from a creamy milky coffee to a light dusty pink to even having a hint of lavender depending on which way you look at it. Combined with a pretty great formula (two coats, gorgeously glossy and no chipping for a week), this is a great work-safe neutral with a bit of an edge… and proof that not all beiges are boring!

I was also sent one of the Pro Longwear Lipcremes in the shade Seasoned Plum ($170). On looking at this intense purple lipstick, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t look great with my complexion – and unfortunately, I reckon I was proved right… although I’d make a pretty mean Morticia Adams for Hallowe’en, don’t you think!? However, if you are a fan of purple lipsticks, this is a must-buy. It’s insanely pigmented – just one swipe and it looks like you’ve mushed your lips in one of those buckets they crush grapes in to make wine – it hangs around for at least eight hours without the need for reapplication and has a really soft creamy and non-drying texture too. But for me, I wish I’d just stuck with the pinks in the collection!

Finally, it was back to pink (yippee!) for the Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape ($240). Ombre hair, ombre nails… so why not ombre blush?! This is sooo pretty in the pan, fading from a bright bubblegum pink to a smoky red plum… and it’s just as pretty on the cheeks too. This is definitely a product for girls who love their blush strong and pigmented – just one sweep of your brush will give your cheeks a heady flush of colour. It is possible to apply pretty lightly (fairer girls might be better off with the other Ombre Blush in the collection, Azure Blossom) but that would kind of be against the point of Vintage Grape… and since there are SO many airy-fairy light blushes on the market in HK, it’s good to see one that delivers so much bang for your buck!

What I liked about the MAC for Daphne Guinness range is that, despite the abundance of pinks (and purples), this isn’t just a girlie girl collection. There’s no simpering models or sickly-sweet packaging; instead, it all has a little bit of a cool edge to it – much like Ms Guinness herself! So if you want the fashionista take on being pretty in pink, you may just have found what you’re looking for.

The MAC for Daphne Guinness Collection is available at all MAC counters now. See here for all locations in Hong Kong.

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