29 March, 2017
janey dillon, founder of amaranthine blooms
janey dillon, founder of amaranthine blooms
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That Flat: Inside the Hong Kong Home of Janey Dillon, Founder of Amaranthine Blooms

29 March, 2017
janey dillon, founder of amaranthine blooms

Homely Touches


Hong Kong is notorious for its lack of square-footage, but occasionally we do find a spacious alternative to the broom closets we normally live in. Set amidst gorgeous sea views in Stanely, founder of Amaranthine Blooms, Janey Dillon’s home is a vision! With plenty of homely touches and an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic pieces, her flat is a gorgeous reflection of her family’s experiences and the places in which they have lived.

We chat with Janey about the inspiration behind her décor, how she incorporates her business into everyday touches, and asked about her tips on using a neutral palette (with small hints of colour!) for an evergreen look.

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inside the hong kong home of janey dillon

Tell us about your background and where you’re from.

I’m from a small rural town in the north of England but arrived in Hong Kong six years after living in London for 15 years! My husband is originally from Australia and my children, (who are bilingual in Chinese and English!) have mostly grown up here, so they are definitely third culture kids!

inside the hong kong home of janey dillon

Where do you live and why/how did you choose this flat as your Hong Kong home?

We live in Stanley, overlooking Tai Tam bay. My husband and I always wanted to live overlooking the sea and this flat certainly fulfills that ambition! I never tire of taking in the [scenery], whatever the weather. When we have new visitors, they often walk straight through the lounge and out onto the balcony to admire the view.

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amaranthine blooms

What are the best and worst things about living where you do? What makes the area that you live in different from other neighborhoods in Hong Kong?

Aside from the stunning view, what I love is the sound of the waves below our balcony. I love the relaxed, sea-side feel of Stanley and that it’s only a short bus or car ride from Central. The worst thing? Weekend traffic! It does encourages us to walk however.

inside the hong kong home of janey dillon

How would you describe your own personal style?

It’s quite eclectic! There is a mix of contemporary and classic pieces, and a lot of what we have today was bought here in Hong Kong. However, we also have a handmade bookcase from the UK, a gorgeous console table from Australia and a 400-year-old chest that is probably Scandinavian. What I would like more of are some antique Chinese pieces to reflect our time in Hong Kong. In our art, there’s a lot of Vietnamese pieces but also a gorgeous bronze sculpture which was a gift from my husband!

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inside the hong kong home of janey dillon

Where have you taken inspiration? Did you initially have a theme in mind?

There was never really a theme in mind, but we definitely like to reflect the places [from where] we have come and the places [in which] we have lived.

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inside the hong kong home of janey dillon
Which room are you most proud of? Why?

The lounge is my favourite room. It’s very open and I love the neutral styling with the small hints of green and blue reflected throughout. It is both practical, a place to eat and work, but it is also a space to relax and enjoy the view.

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that flat
What has been the biggest home improvement you’ve made/want to make? Any tips and tricks for easily updating the look of a room?

Painting the walls was a simple and cheap investment, and we enjoy the soft colour palette every day. Other than that, I update the lounge frequently by adding in different flowers from our collection. I often have blue hydrangeas and white & pink peonies as they are my favourites, but at the moment, I am in love with this yellow oncidium plant. I might add some seasonal pieces such as magnolia or cherry blossom to remind me of home.

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inside the hong kong home of janey dillon

What’s your favourite piece in your home?

I honestly couldn’t choose!

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janey dillon's living room

What about your choice of furniture? Why did you choose these pieces?

It’s all a mixture of practicality and a love for them. They reflect where we are currently, and are a reminder of home.

Where is your favourite place to shop for homeware in Hong Kong?

Everywhere! There’s no one place I choose to shop at – there are so many options in Hong Kong!

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roof terrace in stanley

Describe your dream flat.

This, but bigger! I could live next to the water forever.


How have you made your space/ a small space work for you?

We’re so lucky that this apartment is blessed with lots of spacious storage. And the longer I live in Hong Kong, the better I get at de-cluttering – it’s a necessity!

Any tips for combining style with functionality?

Invest in a couple of pieces that you really love, regardless of whether they are functional or practical – that way you won’t mind living with the practical pieces as well.

stanley hong kong

What advice would you give before you move in? Any tips for styling a home?

I like to plan! Before I move to a new place I map out the rooms and work out the approximate layout of the furniture and artwork. I love a fairly neutral décor with small hints of colour from soft furnishings, and our range of artificial flowers, which I can change when the mood takes me!

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