17 October, 2016
halloween table decor
halloween table decor
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Hostess with the Mostest: Plan a Scary-Chic Halloween Party

17 October, 2016
halloween table decor

 We’ve got the recipe for hosting the perfect Halloween party!


Double, double, toil and trouble…

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We’re in the middle of the spooky season and apart from planning an outfit that’ll withstand the deepest, darkest depths of Lan Kwai Fong, we’ve been on the hunt for a different way to celebrate Halloween.

Enter ‘Hostess with the Mostest‘, the latest addition to our growing obsession with all things home related. Dust off the cobwebs and get out your fanciest champagne glasses… we’ve got spooky yet chic Halloween party inspo ahead! With a little help from the creatives at BYDEAU and iDecorate we put together two, unique and somewhat unconventional Halloween looks that’ll have you hosting the bash of the century. Boo!

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black skull

– Decide on a theme.
So it may seem kind of obvious that we’re going for a Halloween theme here, but just because the holiday is known for its ghosts and ghouls doesn’t mean that your table setting has to reflect that same ‘traditional’ cartoony vibe! Why not branch out from the iconic pumpkin orange and keep it fresh with lots of copper and vibrant greens, or for a more sophisticated touch, dark pinks and gold? Roughly choose a colour scheme as a basis for your table setting and add in some spooky props as you go.

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green vines and copper glass ware
The Tempest Plate
($175), ICARUS Small Plate ($250), Goldfinch Cutlery Set ($380)

Mix and match.
This tip goes a long way when it comes to party planning. Long gone are the days where everything must match down to the tee! So why not use different coloured plates for each place setting? Miss-matched cutlery? Go for it! And most importantly, don’t be afraid to incorporate all metals. Copper, gold and silver actually look awesome together (seriously, see above!).

stacking plates
IRIS Charge Plate
($590), Barbar Plate ($475), Black Modern Cutlery Set ($380), Gold Triangles Plate Set ($390)

– Layers and levels!
A unique looking table is all about creating height and texture. From stacking your plates to using a variety of tall champagne glasses and short tumblers, the same principles apply to your centre pieces! Use long candle sticks as well as chunky low-rise candles so that when lit, the flames highlight cool and different aspects of your centre piece.

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Copper Champagne Flutes ($1,395), Matte Star Tray ($550) Wire Candle Stand ($257)

Don’t be afraid of over crowding the table – odds are it’s not as over done as you think. Obviously, if it gets to the point where you’re spilling the champagne by picking up your knife and fork, you may have over done it… but why not start by filling only the middle stretch of the table and look for obvious gaps as you go.

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halloween table setting

Goldfinger Cutlery Set ($380), Black Fluted Tumbler ($122)

– Flower power.
Flowers are an incredible tool for bringing your table to life, but we tend to forget that we’re not only limited to a centre-hogging bouquet! Bespoke bloom experts, BYDEAU, actually encourage you to mix your greens and play around with autumnal looks. Instead of using traditional arrangements, why not use something unusual like fern leaves? Drape ivy along the table, adding twigs to create the illusion of a forrest. Use the velvety silver colour of the Dusty Miller plants for texture.

Mix and match BYDEAU‘s blooms to create a unique arrangement 

You can switch up the entire look of a table just by changing the flowers and greens that you use. We loved the idea of making something entirely new with different shades of pink and purple roses, with contrasting textures. Use soft greens to add interest and different shaped vases, not everything has to be symmetrical!

spider props

Carnival Dinner Set ($380), Brushed Gold Cutlery Set ($550), White Mosaic Candle Holder ($200)

– Plenty of props.
If you’re feeling particularly brave, Pottinger Street is your best friend! But there are plenty of fancy dress outlets in Hong Kong where you can buy inexpensive props to incorporate amongst the higher end table items. Place a simple spider on a plate (we snapped this one up from Pottinger for about $20) or have them set amongst the foliage.

gold and white tea pot

Grey Geometric Vase ($612), Modern Tea-Pot Set 7pc ($1195)

– Day and night.
There’s no set rule to say that you must host your shindig once the sun goes down! Sure, if you’re going for spooky then dim lighting would definitely help to set the scene, but we quite like the idea of throwing a day time ‘do too. Why not swap the champers for mimosas or fill a cute tea pot (like this one) with Earl Grey, serving sweet treats and sandwiches alongside. There’s some awesome Halloween-inspired finger foods on Pinterest to try your hand at!

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red and pink themed halloween

Black Angular Candle Holder ($304), White Mini Fluted Votives ($412), Lily Champagne Flute Set of two ($440)

– Light it up!
You can never have enough candles… seriously, the more the better we say! Both tea lights and block candles are an easy and inexpensive way to create atmosphere plus, let’s be honest, they always look impressive! Opt for candle holders that have quirky shapes and angles, as these will definitely add intrigue and depth to your setting.

diy gold bug hanging

– DIY!
There’s no need to spend a ton of money on fancy decorations! Get creative and fashion your own Halloween-inspired backdrops to hang or prop up against bare walls. The clever crew at BYDEAU bought a handful of rubber critters from street stalls and then spray painted them rose gold to match both of our themed settings. Pick up any old cheap frame and spray paint those black too for a backdrop that’s both versatile and light on the wallet.

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autumnal skull decor

Gold Round Tray ($1,542),  Fira Bouquet ($900), Black Angular Candle Holder ($304)

– Set up a hosting table.
Throwing a party on a slightly larger scale? Or perhaps you’re just in a need of an area to store all of the champagne (sounds about right!)? A hosting table is fun addition to your main table setting, and another way get super creative. We chose to use an even mix of DIY props and and homeware odds and ends to tie the look together. Embrace the change in seasons and opt for copper and gold decorations, fringed with a Fira arrangement to bring it to life. A round tray is the perfect starting point – fill with candles, bugs and creepy bits and pieces, leaving space for name cards and wine buckets!

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Looking for the perfect flower arrangement? BYDEAU have an amazing range of blooms that’ll transform your party, or don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call 5525 0037 and create something entirely unique! All floral arrangements above were created by BYDEAU.

Keen to recreate some of these Halloween looks? iDecorate‘s online store is homeware heaven! Checkout their website to get your hands on any of the featured items, or simply browse for further spooky inspo!


Thanks to the wonderful Belinda Bamford of Belinda Bamford Photography for the gorgeous pictures! Check out her Facebook page and Instagram feed, and email her at belindabamfordphotography@gmail.com.

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